Thursday, October 29, 2015

26/10/15 Plucca's Halloween Run Bunninyong

We should not have been surprised at the mysterious events of this evening.
  1. Despite all the recent balmy weather, a cold chill greeted us at the Bunningyong Gardens
  2. The run markings had been obliterated by a downpour that showed on no radar.
  3. Then, at that witching hour just as the sun set (and the BBQ food was ready),  the garden sprinklers having obviously taking offence at Half a Bar's adjectives, inundated us.
Surely enough evidence of the occult at work. There was no sign of a human hand at work. At least a proportion of Hash is certain that no human factor could influence the weather.
Rowdy was welcomed back from Kakoda.
 The Bill was urged to use his influence to round up the Stocco fugitives.  The subsequent rash of arrests of the nation's miscreants are testament to his influence.
Alliterative charges included; Bloodcurdling Bent,Frightening Fluid,the Hobgoblin Half a Bar,Macabre Mrs. D, the Poltergeist Plucka, Repulsive Rear Entry and of course the Spectre Silic.

Next Week The Park Hotel, Alfredton

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

19/10/15 Mrs Dickhead's Lake Esmond Run

The spectacular backdrop of the reeds of Lake Esmond ablaze was the setting for this week's On After. The fire could be viewed as the local brigade reducing rampant undergrowth or as Bait pointed out, the destruction of Reed Warbler's nesting sites.
The run took us a long way to the east- even as far as Scentbark Lane - as noted by the Fill-In Screw.
Five of the runners did locate a sensible shortcut through someones backyard.
We welcomed back The Bill from his sabbatical, some Jason's and met Dr Death, who seemed to have seen better days.
Shafted approved of the venue as it was an old quarry.
The latest setback to the bikers in South America is Drambuie's capitulation to altitude sickness.
D&C was commended for watching while Pebbles run his sixth marathon this year.
Flo Jo and Jack were charged with mistaken identity.
 Spartacus was charged with being seen at a lot of pubs on the weekend.

Lois is looking for assistance on Sunday with organizing Nash Hash.
Next run is Buninyong Gardens with a Halloween theme.

Monday, October 12, 2015

12/10/15 5 Ways Stand - In Hare Pusbucket Drinks SS

The stand - ins, as usual at Hash, made the transition seamlessly. The pus colored run took us around the water races in the area. Fluid Movement channelled Mountie by throwing herself onto the dirt. Shafted applied the necessary first aid in between investigating the recent adornments to the landscape.
The Natalie show on Sunday was reviewed. SOS got to display his tallent for electrical engineering and Bent displayed superhuman strength in wrenching the lid from a water bottle.Fluid found her way home eventually.
Lois was reminded not to donate her handbag when helping the kids to shift. Nummy was warned that sending D&D with Drambuie amongst a drug cartel and Donuts, with his habit of dropping his bike, may have be a bit overconfident.
Half a Bar showed concern for the dog that bit Mrs D. Fortunately she can scull left handed.Plucka was commended for rising from her sick bed to administer drinks.
The pending Balls Up - on Oct 24th at Kew Golf club $75 was promoted. See Lois if you are interested in attending.
Next Week's run Mrs D's from Lake Esmond featuring whole foods.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

5/10/15 Rowdy's Daylight Savings Run Nuggety Dam

Stand -in Screw Jack noted the balmy weather, broad vistas,options for short cutters and the varied drinks at the stop. We even found something Prescious on the run. Runners and walkers, with the exception of Mrs D coincided a at the eskis.Rowdy may find his next run on the Kokoda Track a mite more challenging.

No fire due to a ban but that may have been for the best, based on past history at the venue.

Bait took the "How the mighty" have fallen charge as our adventurer of earlier days found himself stranded on a couch during the footy final. He did find a hoard of knives concealed among the outdoor furniture.
Beer Fuck was recognised for his paddling prowess. He also was inspired to present his ROY-G- BIV rainbow charge.
Returning Sergeant was at his pedantic best, noting spelling discrepancies among his charges.

Hash Drinks were available with the BBQ and all except Plucka were impressed  by Shafted's steak carving in the dark.

A task for next weeks run setter Glider as he uses similar terrain from 5 Ways. On after at The Eureka.