Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Run 1633 Chisholm Street Reserve Hare: Mrs Dickhead

The weather was agaist us Hashers for our 3rd daylight saving run.There was a constant pelting of rain all day, but as usual JeSOS smiled upon us and the run, although cold, was completed in a fine mist.

The run was good and took in some familiar tracks, a gold prospecter and a bit of mud.

Mrs D's fire was smokin and we all had to rotate around to avoid the thick smoke, but the fire was warm.

Cherry brought along a potential lover she was nurturing for Tommy Half a Bar, bhaa

RMIT was back and did a good job as the virgin Choir Master. Give us an AAAAh

The FOP O Metre was out and having difficulty making the correct erection for Mrs D!

Spencer was the stand in Sergeant and kept Sorry drinking Down, Downs but she had to apologise and refuse cos she was the designated driver.

The Big event for the night was Dumb and Dumber made his 900th run, yeah, congratulations you old bugger. With the family genes he has, he will probably make another 900 runs.

Sadly, we say goodbye to our Hash Flash, Squizzy... apparently he has abdicated his position in the Ballarat Hash and will not be attending again... Bored with it all.
Fancy it was his turn to set a run in two weeks. Anyway thanks for your contribution and we will miss your jokes, tumbles and falls.

We all had lots of pizza and stayed around the smoking fire for a while, nearly 10pm!

Next weeks run is the Black Tie night so come in your finest gear and be at the City Oval Hotel by 6pm. god bless you all Nummy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Run 1632 Western Hotel Hare: Masturbate/Normal

The Masturbater set the run and it was obvious he has not participated in the athletic side of Hash for a while, cos he set a run that went for kilometers!

We ran and ran and short cuttered and still did 7 kilometres plus..

Oh and its Daylight saving... We should be in the Bush!

Anyway, the venue was very nice and recently renovated.

We had return runners from many years past, Wendy and Dildo also a new runner Juicy.

The FOP O Metre was out but again, I can never remember the scoring but I think the old masturbater was disappointed as he didn't get the rise he had hoped for!

Because we had ran so long and the down, downs went on a bit, the meals arrived before the Hashers were ready. This is always a concern as many just leave the circle to eat their meals...

Many of the Hasher's enjoyed the bus trip down to the Balls Up last Saturday night. It was a fun night and thanks to Fuck Whit Phil for doing the driving.

Next weeks run is at the Chisholm Street Reserve and is a BBQ. So bring your own drinks and enjoy the outdoors.

God bless you all Nummy.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Run 1631 Daylight Saving at Rowdy's

This was the first day light saving run for this season and it was in the bush and it was a beautiful balmy evening.

Rowdy set a good run with lots of up hill stretches and a drink stop with a variety of imported beers, nice!

Mrs Dick head tested her air bags on one of the down hills and only sustained a minor wrist abrasion. Dumber was struck on the back of the leg by a one fanged viper, staggered but did not fall. The blood however attracted a swam of large hungry mosquitoes at the drink stop.

The FOP O Metre was out, again forgotten the score but OMG, FOP looked a treat in his tog's... tiny teanny bikini. FOP apologised to Sorry who got the full Monty his ample buttocks!

There was a request from the crowd for Hymen to put on the bikini, but this request was unfortunately denied!

Apparently last week there was a request for no more foul language.... again this was denied...

Down downs had welcome back's for Donuts, Flo Jo, GILF, Road Runner and Candida.

There was a Mutther Fucker from Sydney who was enjoying a vacation in the lovely city of Ballarat.

Squizzy told a joke... while several funny jokes told by others had to be explained to Tommy Half a Bar, but thank the JeSOS he didn't tell one...

Sill unt cooked the BBQ, and we stood around the fire and enjoyed our meal.

Kathy was happy as no Hashers disturbed her Slumber.
Next weeks run is at the Western Hotel and the run will be set by the two old Hasher's, Masturbate and Normal, so see you there.

Don't forget the Balls up on the weekend, bus is leaving from Reptile Gulch Motors around 1500hrs... Theme is Western Suburbs style.

God bless you all Nummy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Run 1630 Pleasant Street Hare: BP

Due to unforeseen circumstances (Boot camp injury), I did not attend the run however I have been told it was a TIGHT, TIGHT run.

I went to the on after at the Top of Eureka and the company and food was good. Brett was wondering why JeSOS did not attend...

That's it unless anyone else would like to add more.

Next weeks run is at Rowdys. This is the first run for daylight savings so you may not need to bring your torch, but do bring your beer, lets hope Dumber remembers the Down down beer and bring your toggs for a swim...

God bless you all Nummy.