Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Run 1625 3 Albion Street Golden Point: Hare: Criss Cross "The Night of The Dead"

We entered the yard and there, staring directly at the Hashers, was a body in a coffin, the eyes following us around, was it the Bill?

No it wasn't the Bill but he is the master of the coffin...

and Yes, we had entered the night of the dead ooooOOOOO, Blood was streaming, flesh was rotting and an effigy of the Chicken Master was disemboweled before our eyes... This was voodoo to prevent SOS from being Chicken Master again... Will it work?

and JeSOS said "Naharr Not F*&kin Likley, I'll be back for another F*&kin go (Scratch, pull, sniff).

The crowd went "Yeah"

The run was well set in blood and we enjoyed the Bloody Marys by the fire in the bush and the drink stop by the creek was great because KFC was there...

JeSOS began the Down, downs but where were the Drinks? who is the Grog Master? there was a distant Howl, as the crowd started looking for the grog master, had he been taken in the night... a wolf, Voodoo or some such...

Yes, you Dumb and Dumber, you are the Grog master, where is the beer!

The crowd pulled together and we had an eclectic collection of beers for the Down Downs. As punishment Dumber drank from the little white doggies bowl all night, howl, howl.

Trudy put her face in the murkin (Lois Lane) and came out christened as 2 Dicks.

RMIT was back and Normal provided the hard on for the Fop O Metre and Criss Cross consequently got a good score.

Road runner was there along with Spartacus and Master Bait, just thought I would give them a mention.

The Pizza and chocolate cake was very nice, thanks Criss Cross and we did not get kick out or banned..

See you next week following the same trail from the Harriers Club rooms, hare is Mountie see you there god bless you all Nummy

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