Sunday, November 10, 2013

Run 1635 Melbourne Cup East point Cricket Club Rooms Hare: Glider

The annual Melbourne cup run hosted by Glider was held at the Golden Point Cricket clubs rooms. This was a new venue for the event and although smaller it was a adequate.

The run was well set and this is to be expected co's Glider has set many runs for the Hash house harriers. The FOP O Metre was out and Glider was a firm favourite to reach the high point of the year.

Lois Lane had her merkin fluffed up for a couple of Christenings. First up was Sherry who is now Baah Liqueur and Matt is now Fascinator.

The most racers for the night was won by JeSOS, and the betting by Tommy Half a Bar.

Lois won fashion on the fields but FOP came a close second.

See you next week at the Queens Head Hotel and the Hare is JeSOS.

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