Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Run 1628 10 Park Street Hare: FOP

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear FOPPPY, Happy birthday to you, Hip hip hooray... Forty fun filled years.

The run was mostly washed away so we had a live Hare. The run was good with two drink stops with lots of lollies, fairy bread and honey snatches!

Her Vagesty screwed the run and it was a long slow affair... just as FOP likes it. The two dogs however displayed that they enjoy quick, hard and fast screws which they displayed repeatedly over the night.

Rowdy stood in as the Sergeant, not as good to look at but did a great job.

The Down downer of the night was of course FOP. Lucky he was supplying the beer from his home brew.

We had visitors from the Western Suburbs, Scrubber and Lester the Molester. They were there to flog the Balls up on the 12th of October.

There were jokes from Puss Bucket, Lester, Lois and Tommy Half a Bar which all went well.

Sili unt grew an enormous  ... have you seen the photo?

How much hair does Boot Rooter have on his chest?

The meal was a spit roast and it was great. Good competition for Spencer Hocking!

The night became more and more disorderly and yes, body parts were exposed....

Was a fun night thanks FOPPY god bless you all Nummy

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Heavy said...

Just hope the spit roast wasn't Mrs Dickhead......