Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Run 1618 X on Albert Hotel Hare: SS

My, my what a freezing cold night it was in Sebastopol, icypol more like it!

We locked up our cars and set off in to the icy air, down by the sewerage farm and up past the site of Archibald Yuilles homestead, Ballarats first settler.

The run was well set by SS and we all made it to the drink stop to enjoy a nice cold beer burr!

Well all except Heavy, who took a short cut and got back late.

The Grand Master was in good form and gave all his mates a down down...

Normal was the Sergeant cos Hymen was not there... and Normal gave all his mates a Down Down

Vicky can back for a second run with Sour Grapes but RMIT was again missing.

Half a Bar tried to tell a joke but as usual it was not funny.

The food was enjoyed from the take away shop down the road and we ate in the ammmmmmbiance of the X on A dinning room...

See you next week at the North Britain and the Hare is D & C .

God bless you all love Nummy.

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