Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Run 1609 Midlands Golf Club Hare: Hymen

1609 Midlands Golf Club Hare: Hymen

Well, Well, well what a run the young Hymen sent the Hashers on!

Confusion on the Golf course,
Hysteria in the cemetery and we didn't get any help from Are-soh;
and swooning from Mountie as she now knows where Hymen lives.
A few casualities; poor Little Evil ran straight into a wire fence, lucky Shafted was there to give him a hug and surprise, surprise, Squizzy tripped over a chain fence in the cemetery, thank JeSoS, no obvious damage done!

The FOP O metre ran it's course... with Hymen getting a 95 Degree score, did RMIT or Mountie assist in this rising??

Hymen though Mountie was a nurse!
so what is the difference between a scientist and a nurse?
Nurses don't flash their tits....

It was Nummy's 300th run Whoa!

Rear Entry was the Prick of the week

Normal was missing Masturbate

Pus Bucket didn't come cause he was missing Spartacus

Sil unt thought he was on a fly fishing trip

Don't forget "Bring a Friend Night" on the 20th of May at the North Britain

See you next week at the Globe for Esme's Virgin run.. she is a scientist......

God Bless you all. Nummy

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