Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Prince of Pomposity, The Baron of Bombast, The Trophy Husband enjoys a bit of a rub up after his life threatening fall at the Geelong Hash -

Our Hill Billy (Ellie Mae or is it Jethro??) back in his element - with a pack of other Hill Billies

S.S. our 1000 man fronting up for a drink with another S.S., Steam Shoes and Foggy
FERGIE - took everything they could throw at him and 17 down downs.
Has he any limits? One more truffle!

Bubba on the rebound from Pebbles

Half A Bar pretending he has more entertaining friends amongst the other "hashes"

Dumped us like we were hot potatoes!

Arse as promised

Our coach captain moments after he said "Bend over I'll drive!"

A disgusting portrait of a depraved alcoholic reprobate - pictured here with hasher FERGIE celebrating his 1000th run.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Super Hash Week 3

Hi Fellow Hashers

This weeks run was a trip to Geelong to help Fergie celebrate his 1000th run. Big effort from the big man.

There was a big crowd there & our hash was well represented. All those that went on the trip had a good time catching up with old friends or just taking in the spectacle of their first visit to another hash.

We had no significant runs although our own 1000th runner, SS, got to have a down down with other visiting 1000th runners.

Check out the photos when Mountie posts them. Lots of bum cracks & Fergie look alikes.

Oops, I did try hard to make the night a quiet, fuck free night, by driving through Meredith without picking up 1/2 a Bar & 1/2 a Bra. Were we lucky (I think) someone noticed we had missed them, so had to do a u-turn!
The bus trip was made all the better by Mountie only giving us one rendition of her seagull noises & Bent Nose complained all night the light beer on the bus was crap & no human should have to drink it. All I can say is be very scared, be very very scared at our next down downs as there are many hashers who think you often fit the 'no human' description!

Next weeks run is Dribbles & Shoots' run at Da U Day.

On On
Lois Lane

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This weeks run - April 28

We are going visiting! Jump on the rainbow bus and join us as we head to Geelong for Fergie's 1000th run. How he lasted that long is a miracle of nature that medicine really ought to be investigating!

Hare: Lois Lane is in charge of the bus. Cost for the bus is $10.

On-On: Meet at the City Oval Hotel, Mair St, Ballarat at 6PM

On-After: Pub food at pub prices in G-Long!

On-Home: Bus will be leaving Geelong at approximately 10.30pm to return home (let's face it you didn't have anything important to do at work Tuesday anyway).

Monday, April 21, 2008

Super Hash Week 2

Greetings fellow hashers

Conratulations to our 2 Super Runners.
Shafted 200 runs & FOP 100 runs. Great effort.

Other significant runs were: Normal 669, Bad Hair Day 555, Donuts 450 & SOS 69.

Last night saw the introduction of the "Dick of Distinction'. We had an 'almost Spectacle of the year' nomination when 1/2 a Bar almost took the tip off Bent Noses' dick.

We acknowledged our ANZAC soldiers. Don't forget Dawn Service if you would like to hear Bad Hair Day blow his horn. Very impressive to get any action out of it on such a cold morning!

We also said goodbye to Squizzy, who is off to the US of A to check out his personal can of tuna. Don't forget Squizzy, don't lick the bottom!!

Next weeks run is a visit to Geelong - Hill Billy Country. Bus leaves at 6pm from City Oval. There will be a few drinks supplied for the trip down but you may want to take a couple of travellers for the trip home.
Bus will leave Geelong at 10.30pm.

There is also a trip to Melbourne Ladies AGM & 30th birthday on Thurs 1 May.
Cost: $20 roast & giveaway.
Dress: Hash formal - Pearls
We will leave at 5.30pm & will share the cost of a small van.

On On
Lois Lane

first time Squizzy has smelt anything approaching tuna in months!!! He'll be living on tuna for the next 5.

Incredible Bentnose is able to perform anagrams on criss crosses name and come up with this! - how is it so?? A prize will be awarded for best anagram of BENT NOSE

Now he's smiling

took 14 years but he's finally hit the ton

Significant Run Wine Labels

Tonight saw FOP's 100th run and Shafted's 200th run! Can't read them Rocky? Double click on the image to make it bigger!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mrs Dickhead 100 run wine labels

100 run wine labels are in the members only section

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This week's run - 21st April 2008

Hare: Criss Cross

On-On: Ballarat Leagues Club
Cnr of Mair and Humffray Sts

On-after: Same

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GM Message Week 1

Hi fellow hashers.

One week down, 51 to go!!

Oops no book this week - "The Bill, where the bloody hell are you?"

Congratulations Mrs Dickhead. She was out first 'SUPER RUNNER' for the Super Hash.
100 runs. Great effort.
Watch this space as we have a few more coming up.

The past 2 mornings I have got into the shower and thought of fucking Squizzy. Keep your minds clean!! As the shower stung those scratches on my legs from the trek across the paddock I have yelled 'Fucking Squizzy!'

A reminder you can nominate award winners as we go. There will be no sheet at the end of the year asking you to stretch your memory back too far.
Squizzy's run has been nominated for 2 awards already. Gee I wonder what they are!!

Next weeks run is at the Ballarat Leagues Club. On After at same venue.
Chris Cross is the Hare.

On On
Lois Lane

Monday, April 14, 2008

Werribee Zoo Lion

This must be where the Werribee Zoo got their man eating lion that ate that Collingwood supporter!

No wonder the lion was licking his arse. Up til then his shit didn't stink!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


"WHAT ME SORRY?" says normal

the SUPER MERKIN revealed

Monday, April 7, 2008

Welcome to the first week of the Super Hash

Hi fellow Hashers.

Just a few reminders from your Super GM.

Next weeks run is at the Windermere Hotel. Sqizzy is the hare. Trail will be set on the left, or was that the right!

On Monday 28th is Fergies 1000th run at Geelong. It will be our designated run for the night. If anyone needs to be picked up along the route to Geelong then just let me know where you will waiting. My email address is busto@bigpond.com.
There will be drinks supplied on the bus but if you are planning on getting plastered you might want to take some travellers for the trip home.
There won't be a list for the bus so we won't be waiting for the stragglers, however, if you are coming and find you may be a few minutes late just call me. My number is 1800... just kidding Silic. It is 0400010792.

Our first visit to another Hash will be on Thurs 1st May. In case you don't know what they are Normal, that is we we travel to another Hash and help them celebrate their special occasions!
It is the Melb Ladies AGM & 30th birthday. I will let you know more details when they come to hand.
If you would like to go can you let myself or the Trail Master know so we can organize an appropriate size vehicle. Thanks.

On On
Lois Lane

Next Week's Run - 14th April 2008!

Hare: Squizzy

On-On: Windermere Hotel
Western Hwy, Windemere

On-After: Same

Map fixed just for Rowdy who was right as always. All bow before Rowdy. I wouldn't kneel before him though....you never know where that sort of thing might lead....