Tuesday, June 26, 2018

25 - 6 - '18      Run 1885      Magpie St

BAD HAIR DAY's from BAD HAIR DAY's - somethin' about a
run with zeros (you didn't really expect a blog did you?!?).
We had a trot up, down & around the hills of Golden Point in
the fabulous East, eventually thru' some bush at Peady 
Reserve & back to the drink-stop that wasn't at Sovereign 
Hill Look-out - (the bar flys just loved that little bit of 
unexpected exercise !!).
At the circle, the usual charges followed, mostly for the 
Hairless Hare (but didn't include a drink from the 
"new shoes"). The limerick, Drive mag, Nash Hash tankard
& a superb T Shirt (thank you) completed the Screw from 
Keeper of the Meat SHAFFY excelled with the snags, chops &
steak, ably dealt with by BBQ Chef NORMALPLUCKA was
completely forgotten about & had to 'beg' an egg or 2 from
the larder in the homestead. Mynie had chopped away for a 
couple of hours to produce some very tasty salads & slaw, 
& then there were "sweets for my sweet, & sugar for my 
That's it - I've had a fair go - over & out till July 30th run.
Might get a chance to send a pic of a snow covered
trumpfart from the Allgau Alps or the Amsterdam clogs.

On on, Hairless Harry Blogger.

Monday, June 18, 2018

18 - 6 - '18     Run 1884       Cuthbert's Rd.

NUM "Cuthbert" from Cuthbert's with the Hash 24.
MOUNTIE called the reverence for the 'once again' Stand-in
GM TEFLON - think he's got the hang of it enough to do it 
full-time in '19. PEBBLES still out of it 'suffering' with his 
man flu. 
DUMBER said it was a 5k run, stay on the high ground to 
avoid the wet, there are a couple of on-backs & we'll go 
thru' a 'pergoda?'.
The Drink-stop was kept at the On On to make sure the 
Athletes were out of the cold, & out came the party pies &
sausage rolls.
ROWDY was Stand-in Choirmaster, & called the reverence
once they'd called off the search party for the absent 
BENTNOSE ('cos they couldn't be bothered !!).
It was the ideal spot for the Car Hash circle - surrounded by
the BIGM Blue yank tank, NUMMY's Fiat convertible under
the bag, & the backed-in Subaru - palindromic U R A Bus.
MOUNTIE began the Screwing, saying that NUMMY had 
short-cutted early - the run set on the bike by DUMB
Was noted that he went past Lazy Mo's & past the car
intersection of Windsor (the 302) & Cleveland (the 351).
She got rid of a couple of Drive mags, the limerick & gave 
it the '2nd to Top' award. 
                                  (Shitty trail ......... ).
Charges may include, but not limited to .... (missed a few !).
SILIC & Mini Me PIMP were out for the look-alikes, MOUNTIE
from Ayre's Rock & BENTNOSE for walking in late.
                                  (She's alright ..... ).
Sergeant SHAFTED was next & charged LOIS LANE for 
driving her car 'just round the corner' to Hash. GLIDER had
his long-winded spiel from the paper, about the Swedish IQ 
test saying that everyone's dumbing down, so if it happens 
here, will we all be called DUMB & DUMBER?
                          (What a wank wank wank ........ ).
NUMMY charged DUMBER for doing worse than her in their
IQ test, then SHAFFY's song, Do Wah Diddy Diddy DUMB 
Diddee Do !!
TEFLON took 2 drinks (GILF's & his own) for their 4th 
Wedding Anniversary & ROWDY charged BITCHFACE for 
when she fronted up to the wrong car.
                          (He's the meanest ........... ).
D&D presented SHAFFY with another new found glove to
complete the pair, & BITCHFACE had another drink, this 
time for being the 'rose between the thorns'.
                   (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy ........ ).
Paul the Pom was out for a drink, & as all Paul's drink 
together ....... you too Paul Bearer. SPENCER HOCKING had
SILIC out the front, & PIMP (in the balaclava), ashamed to 
look like the old man.
MRS D charged BP & BENTNOSE.    BP didn't appear 
concerned enough that BENT was missing - said "He'll be 
OK". He didn't get raped in any of the parks. Was that why
he was so late - just hoping?
                    (There's a game they call 20 toes ..... ).
MOUNTIE charged BP for running round waving her arms 
in the air at some other stage, ROWDY charged MOUNTIE
- (dunno !!), & BENT to MRS D for her hair looking redder
by the day.
                              (Give us an A ........... ).
D&D had a charge for PLUCKA.    If most people smell the 
prawns, meat & veg cooking in the pan, does she walk
round smelling the grass & dog shit out of the mower?
8 beers left ..... you, you & you out for a drink.
NUM NUM had spent some hours 'stoving over a hot slave',
to produce some very enjoyable casseroles, spuds & pasta,
& dessert with ice cream.

Next week's run - 1885 - Bad 'Hare' Day's & BBQ from home.
58B Magpie St - enter thru' back gate on Madelia Court.
Don't forget grog - FOP's given up the sales.

Monday, June 11, 2018

11 - 6 - '18     Run 1883     Miner's Tavern

The "Stand-in" Committee Run for the Stand-ins, with Hare 
PRECIOUS. TEFLON stepped up to be Stand-in GM, & called
the reverence, saying "excuse me - listen in".
PRECIOUS told us to have a "bit of a run" then "go drink
some beer". 14 super athletes, 5 walkers. 1 bar fly ... & a 
A couple of half circles of the CBD & then up thru' Soldier's 
Hill we went. You run from the Miner's, so where do you have 
the Drink-stop? Unlike last week, we made it back just before 
the rain.
At the circle, the 'real' Choirmaster QUICKDICK called the
reverence, & next, was Stand-in Screw SS. Didn't know about
the run, but reckoned it should get the Queen's Birthday 
Award - where's MOUNTIE?   BP led the walkers, going 
everywhere but nowhere, uphill & down, all the time talking
to herself, so he had huge sympathies for BENTNOSE. Next
was the limerick, & then 'they' used the "Camel is the horse 
designed by a committee" analogy for the run.
                                (Shitty trail ........ ).
Welcome's back for HEAD HUNTER, QUICKDICK
SPARTACUS, Paul the Pom & Paul Bearer.
TEFLON said about 'rumours' of sniffyc*nt runs tonight, so
it was PRECIOUS 70 & NUTCRACKER 44 out for a drink. Oh,
& another 2 'kind of sniffyc*nt runs' were THE BILL 1600 & 
BENTNOSE 1300 - (& he actually ran).
                                 (Get a life, life .... ).
Stand-in Sergeant BENTNOSE charged QUICKDICK & FOP
for declining the Sergeant opp - No means Yes - then, 
Immediate Past Choirmaster HEADHUNTER gave us the,
                                 (You're stupid ........ ).
SS had a drink to commiserate the Demons' loss - especially
as we didn't have to listen to ROWDY's chuckling, then D&C
& NUTCRACKER drank up as the 2 disabled blondes.
                             (No no, bad bad ..........). 
GLIDER had been gaining some culture listening to ABC
Classics, & heard the Adagio from SPARTACUS, & the 
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from the NUTCRACKER 
BENT & PRECIOUS had a drink for the rebound that wasn't -
work that one out !! PRECIOUS shouldn't have been drinking 
tonight, prior to his 2nd Uni exam, but he didn't sit for the 1st.
FOP charged 'the Son' PRECIOUS as being the 'classic 
millenial' - "Would you help me set the run, & bring some 
chalk, & buy the beer, & take me there?" - all the time saying 
that FOP had done f*ck all. 
            ....... here it is !!!      (Oughta be ........ ).
HEADHUNTER gave BENTNOSE the Fashion Police charge,
& Paul the Pom was caught 'stretching' on the run, & as one
Paul drinks ....... you too Paul Bearer.
                   (There's a game called 20 toes ........ ).  
BENTNOSE charged GILF & BP for adopting the 'position of
authority' on his podium, instead of staying on the floor with
the rest of the plebs, & THE BILL out for claiming 300 more 
runs than BENT - because he short-cuts all the time.
                      (Put your left leg over mine ..... ), 
                    complete with HEADHUNTER demo.
TEFLON charged QUICKDICK for adopting a position, making
it look like the torch was shining from his elbow.
                 (Bullshit, bullshit, it all sounds like bs .......).
BENTNOSE charged SPARTACUS for failing the only job he
was given - took half an hour to get the music turned off for
the circle, then MRS DICKHEAD spruiked the rebound to 
BENT, saying that half an hour was 'ultimate efficiency' when
he was a Govt. "Worker".
The jugs were empty as the phones ran hot in the 
Trailmaster's absence - "where's next week's run?"
Run 1884 - Hare NUM NUM from home, Cuthbert's Road.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

4 - 6 - '18        Run 1882        Brewery Tap

BEERFUCK's night in the Far East. Stand in Choirmaster 
NUMMY called the reverEnce, & first up for GM PEBBLES 
was the welcomes back for JITTERBUG, LITTLE EVIL
BEERFUCK said the run was like his Nerrina run (whatever !),
& stay on trail if you want a drink - so the bar flys stayed at 
the pub. Out we went into the rain, & along each side of the
rectangle, thru' the long wet grass, & back via the Freeway
(not dangerous at all !!) to the Drinkstop by the servo. The 
super athletes made it before the walkers, the Hare having 
to cycle back to chase the keys from said walkers.
At the Circle PEBBLES had drinks for the "welcome's
backers", then called on the 'Best Screw in Hash' MOUNTIE.
She said that it was about as far East as you can get, we'd 
been thru' every mud puddle, gauze bush, long grass & hunk
of shit in the district, & the pink, yellow & white paint was no
challenge at all for Dr ROWDY. Then came the Drive mag, 
limerick & spot on the board. 
                                  (Shitty trail ........ ).
Sergeant SHAFFY had BEERFUCK stay out for having to run
along the Western Highway, just because he's a Weston, but 
it was bloody dangerous in the rain & blinded by the 
headlights, so out you come as well PEBBLES, 'cos the 'fish
always stinks from the head first'. 
Sniffyc*nt runs were for EXIT 69 & DIMWIT 44.
FASCINATOR relayed a charge from HER FANNY to 
MOUNTIE - HER FANNY didn't want to be known in public
as "that", ala (the late) Fran as CRUNT
NORMAL wanted to step up for a charge, but was smartly
dismissed by the Serg.
PEBBLES advertised the sniffyc*nt runs of next week - 
THE BILL 1600 & BENTNOSE 1300.
                    ( ....... & the boys go down down ..... ).
NORMAL charged PEBBLES for his idea for cars, "but it's not 
all about cars", MRS D to PUSBUCKET for his eye 'patch',
& DUMBER for DEEP HEAT's wall ruler to measure the 
height of NUMMY's tits in years to come.
                    (Do your tits hang low ........ ).
FASCINATOR's moving from Waubra to Errard St. & 
complaining already about the new carparking plan, 
NUTCRACKER's been setting roots on the run, & 
BITCHFACE had a drink for the p/incorrect name of 
                     (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy ...... ).
SHAFTED had NUTCRACKER out for a demo, saying "it's
stinkin', wet & hard to put your hand in" - ( the old glove
that he'd found on the run !!).
LOIS LANE called out BENTNOSE for the 'dementia' memory
loss & MOUNTIE to PUSBUCKET for his keys being in 
Geelong all the time, after he had taken the train from 
Geelong via Melbourne to Ballarat.
SHAFTED charged Christine Mary for her likeness to 
'Something About Mary', & PIMP for swanning round the
lounge in bare feet.
                      ( ..... down to his 2 skin ....... ).
NORMAL charged BENTNOSE for being over-ruled by 
BP's wanting to turn back on the walk, & PLUCKA for not
running him over at the round-about, being the only one at
Hash who wouldn't.
FASCINATOR had random charges (to empty a jug), PLUCKA,
Barnaby's had sex.
PUSBUCKET had ROWDY out for having the L & R signs on
his socks, then ROWDY to ClitterBUG for being totally 
covered (including the face scarf) at Ballarat Hash, but 
displaying 'the girls' in all of the recent photos.
                                 (You're stupid ..... ).
BENTNOSE charged MOUNTIE for saying "it was great", 
& BEERFUCK for having to chase the keys to the Drink-stop.
                      (Why were they born so beautiful ..... ).

Next week's run - 1883 - Hare PRECIOUS from Miner's Tavern.

Obvious that MASTABAIT's away - BENT's miraculously 
NORMAL's chauffeur again. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

28 - 5 - '18     Run 1881     Queen's Head

The stand-in Choirmaster FASCINATOR called the reverEnce
to get the CHRIS CROS night up & 'running', & there 
'mustabeen' what's become the Hash 38.
GM PEBBLES welcomed new runner to the Mighty Sovereign
Hash - FAR-KING after a 30+ year Hash lay off in Qld.
CHRIS CROS mentioned the chalk, flour & "BP's got the Drink
stop key", then sent 16 superb athletes on their way, further
out into the East. At one of the Black Hill stops, under a 
brilliant full moon, someone said " the looneys will be out 
tonight" & just then FASCINATOR started yelling, just to 
prove it !! SHAFTED thought he'd be a short cutting 'c' around
Black Hill, of course not to be seen until his late arrival at the
Drink-stop. There were vivid memories of a lost Foster Bro', &
so began the mini search. NORMAL was still away, so there 
was beer to spare after the Drink-stop.
Back at the Pub, FASCINATOR led us all to the Beer Garden
for the circle, where PEBBLES gave FAR-KING a welcome
drink, & welcomes back for EXIT & FASCINATOR.
MOUNTIE began her CHRIS CROS screw, saying about the 
run in the East, the circle in the Beer Garden, & it's been a
while since the Queen's (given) Head. Also, it's obvious that
we've been banned from Platypus Drive. CHRIS CROS got 
2 Drive mags, no photo with the broken bike on the roof rack,
& then the limerick. 
                               (Shitty trail .......... ).
Sergeant SHAFFY was still a bit steamed up & sweaty after
his big run, & started with a charge for the Bali (licker) Girls
D&C and NUTCRACKER, then about NUTCRACKER's gash,
followed by the special limerick, & HALF A BAR joined in to
make the 3 silver birches (at the tree).
             ........ a very convoluted (Bad, bad ......... ).
ROWDY had a charge for NUTCRACKER's bikini top ......
& "what's sarong with that?"
                              (She's alright ......... ).
CHRIS CROS charged REAR ENTRY for Richmond's "Kingy"
being back out on the street, MRS DICKHEAD charged 
GLIDER for being the oldest c*nt but absent on Heritage 
Weekend, & ROWDY to MOUNTIE as the Irish Abortionist.
                      (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy ..... ). 
Sniffyc*nt runs were REAR ENTRY 600 (750 by next week?),
ROWDY 1150, HER VAG ??, PRECIOUS 169, NUMMY 525 &
                               (Get a life ....).
BITCHFACE had been at the Western again & saw some old
blokes (thought they were from Hash) & it turned out to be 
MASTABAIT, who in turn said "who's BITCHFACE?"
DUMBER had SHAFTED out for making everyone panic & 
thinking the worst, D&C to DONUTS for the big donuts that
the little kids in Bali had, & ROWDY had a drink for having to
guess the colour of the BITCHFACE top.
MRS D reckoned CHRIS CROS had lost his chalk supply
since retiring, making him raid TWO DICKS' pantry for the 
flour, then MOUNTIE charged SHAFTED for getting lost, &  
cumming as a 3'some.
SHAFFY talked about the magic mushrooms at Warrenheip,
& produced a large one with a bite missing - that's why he
got lost !!
ROWDY charged Richy for his favourite income as 
"swallow in(g)come", then DIMWIT's "Wally in stripes" -
doesn't want to get spotted !!
SHAFFY produced the ball he'd found on the run - was it
SILIC's other?         ( You're dumb ...... ).
LOIS LANE had REARY out for saying "what a great run",
when he didn't & never does.
                  ( You're dumb dumb dumb dumd dumb).
To empty the last down downs, ROWDY had all the "ing's"
out - FAR-King, drink-ing, wank-ing, cumm-ing et al.
Plenty of noise followed from the 2 long tables in the Dining 
Room, making sure the Ballet Girls on the next table were
soon to disperse.
Next week's run - 1882 - Hare BEERFUCK from the 
                                          Brewery Tap.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

21 - 5 - '18        Run 1880       City Oval

SPARTACUS - Hare for the Lion's Den run with the Hash 38.
PEBBLES called the reverance, closely followed by the very
sweary QUICKDICK - (HEAD HUNTER used to get loud 
occasionally !!). Welcome's back were for HOTLIPS
SQUIZZY & Paul Bearer.
SPARTACUS said the run was marked in pink paint, & to 
stay on trail. We'd probably have to help the Redan Girls at
training, then go past the prestigious real estate of the West.
We revisited a few of the night cart lanes, then a circuit of the
Western Oval, with not a lot of trail to that point, & none after 
the end of Russell St. Over to the lake & back to the 
Drink-stop on the stair well of the Grand Stand.
Back at the Circle PEBBLES firstly called out the welcome's
backers.               (Here's to the returners ..... ).
Screw MOUNTIE needed to get in early to screw SPARTACUS
before PUSBUCKET was there lurking. She said "What a pity
we're not at a pub", seeing as she had her brand new Senior's
Card. Of the trail, she said there was 1 On Back, bugger all 
marks & everyone calling "Where's trail?". Then came the 
Drive mag & limerick, & that's when SHAFFY was on his 
knees at crutch level in front of HEAD HUNTER.
                               (Shitty Trail ..... ).
DONUTS was stand-in for the Grogmaster while she swans 
around in Bali with the Religious Adviser & the other 
Aussies, behaving badly in her Bintang singlet.
SHAFFY had spent the weekend at the coast for the 
sister-in-law & others to do the various runs, & when they 
asked "which one are you doing?" he said, "I'll just do Deb". 
half a pumpkin, as Peter the Pumpkin Eater, & SPARTACUS
stayed out for his first "car" - a chariot.
                                (Swing low ..... ).
Sniffyc*nt runs were HALF A BAR 1137 & 
                                    HEAD HUNTER 'old 55'.
                     (This is your down down song ........).
NUM & DUMB went to the football & Carlton touched the ball
once, & that's when DUMB said " that's how they do it" - 
(maybe that's meant to be a question).
ROWDY charged MOUNTIE for being like Duchess Meghan & 
"just wanting to fuck the Royal Family".
                                 (You're stupid ....... ).
MRS DICKHEAD had a charge for MOUNTIE & the wine 
(bottles) she had drunk the day before at PMT, & ROWDY 
called out PIMP as the SILIC doppelganger.
                                  (You're ugly ........ ).
NUMMY charged PLUCKA for finally finishing her Degree
after 14 years, while Paul gave PLUCKA the 3rd degree.
SHAFTED charged DR DEATH for joining Redan F.C. with
his hareeeem, & of course the call went out for "as 1 Dr 
drinks .....", but DR ROWDY was hiding behind a post & come
to think of it, where was QUICKDICK?
                                  (He's the meanest ...... ).
ROWDY had a 'cougar charge' for the absent D&C and 
NUTCRACKER, after the cougar in USA killed the cyclist, so
PLUCKA scored another drink.
DIMWIT came out for a drink since he added all of his mates
to the Sov. Hash Facebook page - all those that we're never
likely to see at Hash, then DUMBER kept tight-arsed DIMWIT
(called him TIP TOP) out there for not wanting to pay for tea.
Never let the truth get in the way - MRS D gave a drink to
BAD HEAD JOB for saying ROWDY won't decipher the pink
arrows, then SPARTACUS was up for 2 drinks for phoning
DR DEATH looking for help to set the run, then to SHAFTED 
for the Hash cutlery.
SHAFFY couldn't tell who's who, running along behind 
MASTABAIT for wanting a kick to kick at the girls' training,
only to be told "fuck off old man", & DONUTS to BENT for
saying that the woman next door "had her pussy against
the window".
                    (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy ......... ).
The Royal Wedding charges were about - for SQUIZZY from
MRS D for having the USA bride, & BP from ROWDY for the 
Royal Wedding bingo night. 
                               ( ..... burn the f*ckin' lot).
BENTNOSE charged PIMP & Richy for 'staying in position'
after their charges, & then NUMMY for the anal BENT
needing a spelling correction.
                               (No, no, Bad, bad ........ ).
SHAFFY was sporting the 'lovely gloves' that he'd found
(& Deb reno'd) & then bird nerd MASTABAIT was corrected -
it was an 'Old Coot', or in HEAD HUNTER's case, a 'Small Tit'.
                           (Do your tits hang low ........).
PEBBLES charged BITCHFACE for having the run stop 
outside of her 'new' house, BAR LICKER was happy with the
current wool price, & f*ckin' HALF A f*ckin' BAR was real 
f*ckin' happy with the f*ckin' wool price.
DR DEATH charged MOUNTIE for dragging out the PMT to
7:30 from 1:30, then ROWDY to PIMP (the SILIC Mini Me)
for sitting down after his charge.
HOTLIPS had a drink for her husband 'rooting' DR DEATH's
knee, then BITCHFACE reckons DR DEATH was the oldest
teenager at Karova.
GLIDER had the Bendigo drink - apparently no-one wants to
live there, then to DIMWIT from LOIS LANE with the horny
& hungry gag - where to put the cucumber?
DIMWIT's zinger - Wally finds himself at the Therapist - 
Where's Wally?
Thanks to the Redan Girls for the BBQ, salads, bar & 
clean up - SILIC had 3 goes before the cake.

Next weeks run - 1881 - Hare CHRIS CROS from 
Queen's Head.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

14 - 5 - '18    Run 1879   Bunch of Grapes

"Hash 38 for NORMAL & BAIT at the Grapes" (well, it nearly
works !!). ROWDY became stand-in Choirmaster for a bit, to 
intro GM PEBBLES for the welcome. 
NORMAL said the run was about 5K, a bit uphill & down, & 
would be running thru' someone's house, "so keep your feet
clean". As we headed off, Trailmaster DUMB was at pains to 
slow the speeding athletes, so as to wait for the late cumming
few to order eats. Trail took us South to Leith St. along to 
the track by the creek, then uphill & thru' the half 'finished'
shed, along the track by Skipton St, & back toward the 
Drink-stop by the Pub. It was good to hear Hash Horn
TEFLON's 1st ever solo recital in South Street. NORMAL &
MASTABAIT had stocked up on the Crownies for the Stop -
maybe thinking everyone would 'do a NORMAL' & collar a 
couple of travellers, & of course, it was MASTABAIT's 
vehicle to stow away all the emptys - well who else's?
Back at the noisy circle, all were silenced to hear BP say her
"shut the fuck up !!" HER VAG was called out to receive her
100 Run Cup, only to find the cheap-arses had given her an
"un-inscribed left-over Nash Hash job" - ohh, that AMP.
PEBBLES had welcomes back for BEER FUCK, BAR LICKER,
they ushered in the so called "Best Screw in Hash" MOUNTIE,
who straight away reduced last week's co-hares, D&C &
NUTCRACKER to Old Bangers, for hijacking the board.
To screw NORMAL & BAIT, she talked about the 'old croc' in
the back of NORMAL's shed, the HH mark that could be 
'seen from space', & the I I C in the circle, that fell just short
of H C. Then she presented the Drive car mag along with the 
limerick, to make the pair Club House Leaders, with the
Red Charger Award.
                                   (Shitty Trail .... ).
Sergeant SHAFFY gave the co-hares the Green Falcon's 
Award, then had all the Mothers out together for their
Mother's Day drink. 
                               (They're alright ..... ).
GEORGE PELL-ICAN was standing tall on the bar, after 
DR DEATH left him at the Western last week. 
Fog horn NORMAL didn't need the loud hailer to call out
CRIS CROS for talking at the circle. LOIS LANE danced along
with her sight gag about BENTNOSE turning gay, but said he
was really only "bum eating a Mintie". 
                        (He's a mean Mother Fucker ...... ).
MOUNTIE had a charge for 'Football Coach' DR DEATH, & his
chain smoking on the boundary line while watching the 
girls training, then DR DEATH charged PEBBLES for being 
seen driving round town with a Car Dealer.
NUMMY gave MOUNTIE a drink for being the 'drunkest ever'
on the Melbourne Trip, & then DR DEATH called out PIMP
for giving a free kick to the opposition, while umpiring the
son's football match. PIMP stayed out for SILIC's charge 
for him changing his run from Queen's Birthday - the 
cheapest run night when hardly anyone shows up - but,
of course, a rebound for SILIC, the Tight-Arsed Prick.
                         (Bull shit, it all sounds like B.S ..... ).
ROWDY had a charge for BAR LICKER - making it public
that she'd played with HALF A BAR till he ejaculated ..... !
      Out came QD & HH's new song to the tune of YMCA
          (Young girl, I want to spray you with my DNA).
D&C charged PEBBLES for 'vandalising' the lid of a 
letterbox on the run, FOP to FANG for having to handle 4
women at the Grape Escape, then SILIC "why didn't FANG 
phone a friend?"
FOP was pissed off that 2 of the Committee (NUTCRACKER
& D&C) could be cooking the books by going off to Bali, when
they couldn't afford to inscribe HER VAG's cup.
NUMMY charged all the Seniors, seeing as they'll come out
on top in the Budget - GLIDER, SS, THE BILL, MASTABAIT
& CRIS CROSMRS D had a charge for MOUNTIE coming
3rd in the race for 60 - 90 yr olds, then ROWDY told his 
egg gag. 
           Another new song ( get back in the kitchen .... ).
NORMAL charged QUICK DICK for having to ask 
HEAD HUNTER for the new songs, then DR DEATH to 
NUTCRACKER's being surprised that we have to pay for
down downs - she never has to pay for drinks when she 
goes out !!
SHAFTED didn't get charged for his new shoes last week, so
this week put on new socks, only to get shoes & socks wet -
even licked out the last drops.
MOUNTIE said about BEERFUCK learning the Ukelele, & he 
assured us that it wasn't too late to go & get it, but then
PEBBLES had the gag about "5 more ukes found in the car
'after' it was unlocked". BEERFUCK then drank to celebrate 
the life of recently passed Mother in Law.
                             (Mrs Murphy .... ).
ROWDY had all the husbands out who were still with the 
                          (Get a life, get a life ........ ).
DR DEATH passed on DIMWIT's weekly/weakly zinger - 
what food on bonfire night? - Bangers!!
A shout out to The Bunch for holding meals - originally 
weren't having a bar of 9pm until NORMAL thumped the
Bar with the Boss.

Next week's run - 1880 - Hare SPARTACUS from Lion's Den 
Rooms at the City Oval - not the Pub.