Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3/9/12 Golf House Hotel - Fluid Movement

Hi Fowlo Hashers

Your usual scribe was away this week loving & clucking elsewhere so left this weeks blog in my trusty hands.

Well our leader (known to us all as Cock Head) has returned from overseas this week & ready to take back the reins.  We did survive without him but great to see him back.

Other Welcomes Back were Timmy, Dave, Little Evil & Jamilla.

A charge was given to The Bill as there were no significant runs ONLY to have it pointed out that he missed Masterbaits 1200th run!!! That deserved the prick of the week not a down down.

There were the usual run set in the East, Normal's T-shirt selling, teachers strike charges & a couple of bad taste Paralympic jokes, but you know it is a quiet night when the entertainment comes from the ejection of Bubba's brother from the bar, his return & then another ejection.  A few hashers stepped back when he threatened to kill us all but a few others stepped forward when he broke the bowser & beer was spilling everywhere.
Another sign of a quiet night is when Half a Bar tells not one but two jokes & they are really funny.

A good night had by all & next weeks run is the GM's at the Queens Head Hotel.  I thought I heard a mention of a Trivia Night but don't quote me on that.

On On
Your Hot Chicky Babe Lois L

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