Tuesday, August 14, 2012

13/8/2012 Jack & Flo Jo

13/8/2012 run 1572.
Oh goodness gracious what a shemozzle on the behalf of the committee!
No Granmaster
No Stand in Grand master
No Hash cash
No Hash screw
Sargent at arms sat on his fat arse in pub for most Down Down

Jack & Flo Jo organised the night, at one of the Indian restaurants in Bakery Hill; great food, anxious proprietor! Once again the weather gods smiled on the Sovereign Hash and we had a cold, crisp, dry run. The run was marked by a professional who timed the long on-backs so the runners all kept together. The run was up hill, over bridges, past Flags, along creeks & sort of in the East.

Down downs were held in below zero temperature & we had a bit of trouble concentrating on the proceedings. There were no new runners, no prick of the week (that's unusual), Dumb & dumb had a grand sprog arrive during the week - Dumb & Dummer the 4th, The Bill has turned Gay! There may have been an Olympic charge or two, GILF & her home land gold medal tally.

Aside from the committee.... we had a great night again and look forward to next weeks run at City Oval & the Hare is Boot Rooter.
 Love & Clucking NUMMY

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