Monday, October 1, 2012

1/10/12 run 1579 East Point football Club rooms: KFC

1/10/12 run 1579 East Point football Club rooms: KFC

Lovely brisk night for a run. A small Hash group assembled and ran off into the night around the football oval and away. The run was long and challenging as many of the on-backs were a kilometer long; luckily Immaculate Conception was riding his bike so the lost Hashers could see the flashing lights in the far distance. The Hashers all came together at the Yarrowee creek and enjoyed the drink stop together.

The Hare was KFC with the assistance of the Masturbate, the Screw, Spencer was again happy because the run was in the fabulous east.

The stand in Sargent, Bent Nose, was again splendid in the blue jacket. The football charges were flowing freely, Pus Bucket maintain his excitement of the Sydney win as only Pus Bucket can! The Hawks supporters are OS so no comment from them. Mountie enjoyed the chubbies of the Sydney players after the game.

Speeding fines and New Zealand made a mention, unfortunately for Hymen his fine was in Australia dollars and cost more than Rowdy's in NZ. Sorry, in the absence of family was forced to run for the first time and got lost with Bootrooter & Nummy. Rear Entry, in an attempt to save Hash money used Half a Bars beer for down downs. No jokes this week (phew).

The venue was nice and John & KFC provided a yummy meal of finger licking chicken, chips, gravy and salad.

Balls up numbers need to be finalised so if you are going please pay on line and let the Grand Master, Lois Lane or Nummy know ASAP. See you next week, love & clucking Nummy.

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