Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1585 State Forest Road - Hare Donuts

1585 State Forest Road - Hare Donuts

Wow what a great run, Hashes were again out in the bush, the air was fresh with just a hint of breeze. A couple of enthusiastic Hashes (Rowdy & the Bill) took the long way to the drink stop, but there was plenty of drinks to share.

The down downs were held back at Donuts place with a raging fire, which was fantastic. The beer was the last of Fop home brew (2011) which made the Hash Cash very happy. Normal was back and ensured his friends Masturbate & Cris Cross got a drink.

Silli unt was away so Hymen was the BBQ cook. My goodness, Hymens meat great , .. and we all got a piece! ... and the salads were also sensational and plenty for all, thanks big fella Donuts.

Actually the group was small and nothing else major happened.

See you all at next weeks Black tie event. Bus is booked and leaving City Oval at 6pm sharp......

Love & clucking Nummy

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