Wednesday, September 19, 2012

17/9/2012 J.D's Bar Glider

17/9/2012 J.D's Bar Glider

Thanks to Glider for providing an alternative to following trail. We followed clues numbering 1 to 8.
This lead the hashers on a long run through the beautiful streets of down town Ballarat (same as last years run). Spencer the Hash Screw was happy with the run, no on backs, no checks or halts

Down downs were at JD's bar where there were a number of footy clubs celebrating "Mad Monday". Tongueey joined in to have a drink..did not really need it. His friend Banana boy had a scull off with the chicken master.. chicken master wins again (Dumb lost $5).

The young people returned this week.. Desmond & Molly which was nice.
Boot Rooter ran for the first time in years and felt he was an athlete cos he stayed with Nummy.

The Sargent at arms was a stand in "Bent Nose". Splendid blue jacket embroidered with his name below shafted it should be?

Silli unt had some down downs for being himself & betting with Rear Entry then whinging about costs. Speaking of cost if you don't pay for your run the Grand Master is gonna get ya... shoes on the other foot cos he never payed for years.

Road Runner, Candida & Rowdy are all leaving the country during the footy finals .. may the best team win... so is Spartacus but not with Pus Bucket!

Meal was at Top of Eureka with all the old Apexians... Dumb spilt red wine over the majority of them!

Again good food, good friends see you next week Nummy

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