Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15/10/12 1581 Caulfield Cup Run - Hare Shafted

15/10/12 1581 Caulfield Cup Run - Hare Shafted

Great night just outside Creswick, a place where no Hasher had been before... not even Pus Bucket.

Shafted had employed Phil the cook, to prepare a sumptuous meal.. prawns, chicken, salad ( Rowdys was better) and cake ..shame about the tatties... mmh, Gilf enjoyed the meal and got her share of the prawns which were delicious... What a meal Shafted you are the best, we even had champagne with strawberries, again which Gilf enjoyed!

Lets get back to the run.... my goodness in was a tough course, across wide ravines balancing on fallen trees, across creeks and up, up, up, up hills.. indeed mountains with very few downs. The drink stop was a welcome sight and in a beautiful setting over looking green slopes and water. The walkers lost their way and did not make it to the drink stop and by the time we headed back to the camp site if was dark... casualties to the bush, the most spectacular was Mounties tumble into the only deep muddy puddle on the track... lucky she was presented with a clean dry Tee shirt for her 900 runs, oh Rowdy got an 900 run Tee as well.

Fluid Movement got the prick of the week for her Fluid body movements as a result of the Balls up over the weekend. By the way the Balls up was fun, down at the Dolphin rooms in Frankston. The Grand Master and our Hymen were well received by the outside female Hashers.. but Hymen is OURS, a cry made by Mountie on the night as she scratched at the eyes of the outsiders!

Mountie told a joke ..which was funny, its all in the delivery Half a Bar... Donuts was back with his dog Evie, welcome back big fella, shame Max was not there! BP was pushed to the ground by Mountie.. not sure why.. the fire was nice with Candida watching over it with her broom, no rake.. Good luck with your numbers for the cup sweep, see you next week for another Creswick run at St Georges Lake.. where the bodies don''t float.. love and clucking Nummy

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