Wednesday, August 29, 2012

27/82012 North Britain, Road Runner

27/82012 North Britain, Road Runner

The North Britain was warm & welcoming and the stand in Grand Chicken Master, Hymen was back to start the run on time. The weather again was dry but cold. Road Runner set a nice easy run around the streets of Ballarat and Candida was with the runners as a decoy! Don't know where the walkers went!

Down, Downs were held outside by the fire, very nice. Sargent at arms was too lazy to go get his nice blue coat from the car & Bad Hair Day and Rear Entry did not wear their chicken hats... poor form.

Hashers were in good form telling jokes; Squizzy, Half a Bar & Mountie; as stated on numerous occasions.... it's all in the delivery BOYS!

The bar fly, Wet Spot got a Down, Down, has that man got a home?

The Bill entertained the crowd placing beer cans in the fire... gee they melt quickly.

The meal was worth waiting for and the staff friendly which is a nice change.

It was a good social night and there was lots of chat and laughter, so much, that you had to yell to make your self heard across the table.

Next week run at the Golf House Hotel

Love & Clucking Nummy

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