Wednesday, August 22, 2012

20/8/2012 City Oval Boot Rooter

20/8/12 City Oval

Stand in Grand Master Rowdy sent us on our way. Again no rain but a cooold black night. hashers headed for the wonderful & over flowing Lake Wendouree; the chill factor of the icy wind propelled Hashers on, on. Not sure who set the run but it may have been from a car boot! Nice basic & predictable around the streets, drink stop at Glenhome, warmth from the heater was short lived as the gas ran out & there was a bit of dog on dog action (Gary & Max).

We had members of the committee attend this week... Hash Screw Spencer made one more attempt at a red dress T shirt and the Fluid movement, Normal factor.... Sargent at Arms was on track this week with some funny puns - Squizzy was back & attempted a joke.... mmh as stated in past Blogs its all in the delivery. Again no prick of the week & Normal was there?
Glider pointed out the Sovereign Hash's role in smuggling Julian Assange out of Britain and on to Ecuador with a Swedish Blondie but it was only Dribbles & Shoots & his lovely lady. Bloody Kiwis were again out in force with Lois Lane & BP picking up a bar fly Kiwi... Chrizz or Phull

Rear Entry & Scillic decided to stay for the meal when they were offered a meal deal $23 per head. The meal was very nice and again a good time was had by all.

That's it see you next week at the North Britain & Road Runner is the Hare
Lots of Love & Clucking Nummy

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