Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1589 THE ROYAL OAK Hotel, sponsored by tidy tiling.

bring a friend day at THE ROYAL OAK Hotel, sponsored by tidy tiling.

Yes, this was bring a friend night but there were more relatives than friends in attendance. What does this say about the Hash? Normal brought no one - no relatives or friends.

Tommy Half a Bar, ran in a sheep skin with a blow up sheep strapped, in-appropriately, to his body, co's it was his 1000th run. Barr, Barr

The run was short and many of the new guests were expecting more of a challenging run and were also surprised by the length of time spent at the drink stop... drinking alcohol.

All the guests got a drink, and Dan, Dan the Tusker man and for a brief moment did not have an alcoholic drink in his hand, shame ,shame. Mountie had a birthday, so got a drink. Lucky as this reminded Pus Bucket of this momentous event.

The Grand Masters lady made a brief appearance but was too embarrassed to stay as a friend for the night... delivered the salads and the food was again yummy, cooked by the old BBQ dog Sill unt.

Next week is the last Christmas run from 111 Webster street, so dress for the festive season and bring your singing voice as the traditional Christmas caroling will be the main event. You may need to bring a chair as most chairs and tables have been sold.... see you there, love and clucking Nummy

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