Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Atlantic Hotel 6/8/12 Olympic theme

Atlantic hotel 6/8/12
Dazed & Confused,  along with Pebbles assistance created a run to remember past several sporting venues of Ballarat - Harness racing club, maybe a football field and finishing at Tennis courts. The night again was cold and crisp and the rain held off to keep us all dry. The trail was set so we wouldn't get wet feet... very thoughtful of Pebbles.

As mentioned the theme was Olympics & several hashes made the effort to wear the Green & Gold. There were some Kiwi ring ins to round off the Australasian feel. There was a silver medal count reflected in the number of Hashes with same coloured hair (Silver) Bootrooter, Masturbate, Bent nose and a couple of others unable to remember now!

Flo Jo, was presented with a gold medal, Sorry the Silver & Jack Bronze for being great people...?
We all knew the  words to God Save The Queen but Advance Australia Fair we required assistance from Pusbucket to get through the second verse... a couple of current school teachers knew it, Mrs D & Spencer & Crisss Cross.

The stand in grand chicken master looked young & lovely as usual... mmmh

The meal was ... was... poor - the kitchen lady just plain nasty - however despite this we had a great time. Many thanks to the Hares Dazed & Confused & Pebbles. Next weeks run is at an Indian restaurant & the Hare is Flo Jo & Jack. That's it  love & Clucking Num

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