Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1584 6/11/12 Melbourne Cup - Hare Glider

1584 6/11/12 Melbourne Cup - Hare Glider

The Ballarat Hash House Harriers "Riversgate Wines" Cup was again held at the East Point Club rooms and a good field of runners were present. Glider, the well trusted organiser of this annual event did not let the attending crowd down, and the event was a success.

The track for the first run was wet and the pack found the course difficult to navigate due to the wet conditions washing away most of the markings. The new young runner Bevan (Fop/Dickhead creation) did not understand the rules of hash and attempted to race some of the old Hashers. Candida reminded the youngster of the follies of racing via visual scars..... (Dumb Dog)!

Several races were held over the night with a good number of punters. The main race, the "Riversgate Wines Cup" was contested by a big field and the overall winner was Spartacus. This dark horse had not raced before at East point. He was carrying less weight than most of the field and with his long legs, a placing was a certainty. His trainer Pus Bucket was pleased with the win and stated most of the credit for Spartacus's success was due to some hard drinking at the J.D stable and some long bush rides leading up to the cup.

The Fashions on the field was well patronised by the beautiful fillies, the judge John Cotter was under pressure to come up with a winner, particularly as K.F.C was in the parade, but you guessed it, the old chicken blogger Nummy won. The out fit was a creation based on the Chicken theme with a feathered tickler head piece.

Tommy half a Bar again wanted to tell a joke...(When will this man learn?) but could not remember the joke!

The food was good and there was plenty for everyone to fill up on! Great event Glider....go Green Moon....

Love and Clucking nummy

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