Sunday, November 4, 2012

1583 City Oval Hotel - Hare Sorry

1583 City Oval Hotel -  Hare Sorry

Great night for a spooky run as the theme was Halloween, lots of glow in the dark stickers and head gear...
Sorry provided for those of us who had forgotten the nights theme.

The crowd were reluctant to pay the increased chicken taxes and again the run started late as we had to order meals just as we were about to go out the door.
The run was good , around the streets with two drink stops (getting our moneys worth).

Shame, shame the meals were served before the down downs which was actually good. Though there were a lot of complaints... blah blah

Rear entry and the Silly  unt when to dine at another place due to the cost. Poor old pensioners!

Spencer screwed the virgin run with great pleasure. The trail was well marked and we had a full blue moon. Tommy wanted to tell a joke but the crowd were not happy so he kept quiet.

Down, downs were for Mr Sorry and Candida. Candida and Sorry had a couple of Sculling challenges.. I think Candida has been foxing about her ability to drink Beer!

The raffle was won by the birthday boy Rowdy...just what he needed another bottle of wine.

That's it ... see you for the Melbourne cup run at East point next week. Hare is Glider. Lots of Love and clucking Nummy

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