Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1587 26/11/12 East Point Bowling Club - Schoolies run - Hare Candida

1587 26/11/12 East Point Bowling Club - Schoolies run - Hare Candida

All the Hashers had gone through their cupboards and dusted off the old school uniforms. The run was a challenge of mind and spirit (alcoholic), with no identifiable trail. The Hashers attended several fine public houses where you were provided with a drink if you could complete the task. Not sure who won, but we understand that spelling is an issue for some of the younger Hashers.

On arrival back at the venue a drinking game was introduced - Heads or tails, strip or scull...

Candida the old dog displayed yet again her skill at swallowing beer... beat Nummy by minutes, tick tick. Candida also told a joke which cut Tommy Half a Bar out. The moral of the story is Australian men do like tie women.

The masturbater did a bit of wild life rescue of a tiny Duck. Shafted took it home, fingers crossed it will survive. The Squizzly did attempt to crush it in the beautiful blue jacket Sargent's.

The Grand Chicken master gave the Hashers a demonstration of Tidy Tiling... poor bugger doing that on your hands and knees all day...

Dinner was a BBQ which was delicious, Silli unt, had the night off.

Next weeks run sounds complicated so read the previous blog by Rowdy for instructions.

As usual, Love and Clucking Nummy.

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