Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30/7/12 Brewery Tap Hotel

Hi all, the Grand Chichen Master was again a little distracted this week & Rowdy took over to start the the run before 7 pm. It was a loverly crisp night for a run out in the dark, dark streets of the very far east of Ballarat. Nowhere really to go so we ran around the streets in a P or a Q - Mountie & Fluid movement had quiet the discussion on which letter!

Normal was there but Mrs Dickhead was'nt - no prick of the week was awareded. Normal again recieved a mention for his African Gay shirt sale. Lets hope we can move on now!

Sargent at arms was again splendid in his blue coat and made some references to the Olympic games which were funny- Road runner & his golden rings.

Boot Rooter made an appearance along with a mate of Flowjo & Jacks - Lyle, good hair do!

Meal was disapointing & service slow but you take the good with the bad (last week was great only $10 more).

The Grand Chichen Master is off to Ibiza for 3 weeks and handed the feathers over to Hymen, next week its at the Atlantic Hotel & the Hare is Dazed & Confused... also can anyone tell us who is Leanne?
Thats it love & Clucking Nummy

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