Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8/10/12 Nuggerty Dam Hare Rowdy

8/10/12 Nuggerty Dam Hare Rowdy

Yippee day light saving has arrived and as is tradition, Rowdy set the run far out into the bush. Many Hashers were confused as to the location.. no... not 6 ways where Dumb drove over the edge or Slatey creek .... where Bent Nose lost his bike... Nuggerty dam.... where Oggy lives...

Anyway we all got there in the end. The fire was set and protected by Oggy (who is this man?). All Hashers were instructed to collect wood. Pus bucked excelled in his gathering and did a spectacular tumble which was seen by all. Spirt not dampen he struggled to his feet and dragged over a fine log of Australian eucalyptus.

Away we went on the run, round the dam, up and down hills, dodging puddles and mud... so much fun to breath in the fresh air of the bush. Oggy went on the walk and was struggling to keep his cigarettes going with the speed of the athletic Hashers accompanying him.

Shafted the Sargent at arms was back and struggled with Bent Nose for control of the splendid blue jacket... Shafted won, but was having an emotional battle coming to terms with the graffiti Bent Nose had stuck on the back... oh and Shafted went to school with Oggy. They reminisced on the good old days when life was care free.

Down downs, congratulated significant runs, Mountie 900 and Rowdy 900... there was someone else but unable to remember.. must not have been that significant!

The BBQ was good cooked by Silli unt... not much bread, NO TOMATO SAUCE but the salad... WOW... worth every penny, thanks Rowdy!

The fire was a blaze by the end of the night and Oggy would have been warm for hours. See you all next week lots of love and clucking Nummy

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