Thursday, October 30, 2014

RUN 1688 Venue: SAWPIT LANE Creswick, Hare; BP1000, 27 October 2014

BP picked Bent Nose with her bent finger. Bent Nose picked La Gerche Track as a place for us to linger. This is where old John La Gerche (who looked a bit like Bent) had planted trees over 100 years ago. A book written about his life is called “A Foresters Log”. True!
 This is he.
If a tree falls in the Forest Does anybody hear?  Hashers trundled along neat bush paths under towering trees, by peaceful waters, history and nature abounding.
Significant run indeed looo BP has reached 1000 equivalent to 20 years of every week or 27 if you have holidays. Glider is at 700. 

Meanwhile Master Chef SILIC managed to boil water without blowing us up then he skilfully scissored the little boys apart having recently witnessed his own monoscrotomatic surgery.  A pre-dinner snack simmered to enhance the party atmosphere already painted by BPs lollies and chups.

HEAVY’S screw song reflected a cleaning lady (that wasn’t Sadie) to the tune of “a few of my favourite things” Aided by the not so smooth production of a pre-recorded phone track on Marshall’s Portable Music Machine.
Vacuuming carpets and dusting down kitchens
Rubbing down Bents Knob with warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages full of vibrating rings
These are a few of my favourite things!
Spence poured the Down Down pressure on the Demure FiFi BP. He handed over his 1000th run mobile trophy engraved with BP forever underneath Bent. More presentations to BP of Bees & Peas and Hash gift apron with a BP inscription to further mark the occasion.

Dr R informed us of the significance of BP being the initials of the bacterium (Bordetella Pertussis) that causes the contagious, respiratory infection known as Whooping cough.  Good to know but how do we stop it?
Overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the setting of the run, MRS D charged over a fallen log in the forest.
A Normally quite Gay guy got quite grumpy and couldn’t see the funny side of anything. His sense of humour was a fumer. A Get well Soon card is circulating for signatures!
How dare he? It was all about BP really and she likes it that way.

On Afters  around the corner to Swallow my Knobs CafĂ© for a nice tight meal and a fine wine. We departed right on 1000 according to my digital timer.
Next Week’s Run: East Point Clubrooms   Hare;  Glider Theme; M Cup is not a bra size

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