Thursday, October 23, 2014

RUN 1685 Venue: Alimprick Avenue Mt Clear Hare: MRS DICKHEAD 20 October 2014

I went to school here, I taught here, I will engage in extracurricular activities here!  Those “black boys” grass trees that grow the long kangaroo tail bushes are called xanthorrhoea. I’m still pretty smart!
Mrs D had us all back in her familiar territory to teach us a lesson on a nature walk/run. No grizzling neighbours was a good thing. We parked where we pleased and it was early enough in the season to enjoy a friendly fire.
A working party had to forgo the beautifully set bush run to ensure Master Chef SILIC was accommodated at his cooker with all his accessories and accoutrements at his fingertips. Another task was to try and keep REAR ENTRY in check and stop him from burning everything, anything, and more as he was jumping around like a rabid rabbit on a bullant nest. SILIC wants to hear about REARY's Losing bets! How morbid is that?
New Runner Mrs D’s Bring-a-friend she calls JUST IN PERIODICALLY Welcome Backs to her Boy’s, PRECIOUS, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION and ROHAN the RAFFAEL. Then also  FASCINATOR and the other relatively young ones, LITTLE EVIL & HYMEN.
Significant runs, 999 no no no says BP BP BP, almost there to reach 1000 with BENT NOSE but she will forever be under him, SPENCE will see to that.
ROWDY’S penchant for singing along with television theme songs came to the fore with HEAVY’S contribution of “The Brady Bunch” about MRS DICKHEAD’s mob. , “Here’s a story of a lovely lady”started nicely but it went downhill from there. Put nicely, re-constituting a family structure and creating “The Dickhead Bunch,- The Dickhead Bunch,- That’s the way they all became The Dickhead Bunch”.
PRECIOUS was charged by MRS D for being silly enough to follow HYMEN rather than follow trail. Doesn’t she realise that following HYMEN and picking up his rejects is a legitimate and fruitful past-time? Ask SOS and co.  Just like HALFABAR hanging with BAIT 40 years ago.
Lots of announcements including Mount Zero Olives, sponsor of GLIDER’s upcoming famed Melbourne cup run on cup eve. Nash Hash next March in Busselton. Girls and Guys are busy with Balls-Up decorations and arrangements. The Fever is Mountying and LOIS is Whooping it up. Let’s hope FLUID MOVEMENT and BAD HAIR DAY aren’t coffin still!
Welcome efforts with jokes from FASCINATOR about going Duck Hunting? I think TOMMY took a Taxi joke was taken as well read.
Nice BBQ again, sausages & steak by SILIC and MRS D’S fresh green and fruit salads and cream. Note to self; extra gas, bread and paper towels for next time.
There are murmurings that the malingering masses are making their way home to mount their maidens and merrily march them into the Mardi Gras malaise.

Next Week’s Run: SAWPIT LANE Creswick  Hare;  BP1000 Theme; M Run in Bush On after in Creswick (SATURDAY 2PM SEYMOUR'S hotel in LYDIARD ST North just up from Railway stn.

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