Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Run 1683, Daylight Savings Run. Hare: Rowdy Venue, Invermay. 6 October 2014

A quorum of over 30 hardy runners and non-runners braved the constant Invermay drizzle to celebrate the first Monday run in Daylight Savings. The pack set off at 6 50 sharp(ish) and went straight into the hills and the welcoming Australian eucalypt and pine plantation "bush". Bliss.
The running pack moved appropriately according to each Hashers' own pace, with a number of short cuts pointed out to try to keep the pack together. All was going well until a random car with P plates managed to park in the middle of nowhere right on top of a halt, letting the front runners keep going up a long hill and thereby adding a prolonged on-back. Nummy, who was first there, thought it was Christmas as well as two young virile lads were in the car and struck up a conversation with our stunning wood nymph. Unfortunately the Bill puffed up the hill just when things could have become interesting.
The rain was continuing and the hare decided that all should have a short cut, as he calculated the walkers would now be getting to the drink stop well ahead of the pack. How wrong could he be.
Pus Bucket, the proven master of finding the drink stop, muddled up his right and his left, and led the pack, against the protestations of Lois Lane, on an even longer unintended on-back than the runners. One advantage was that Bent Nose managed to become completely bushwhacked, and missed everything subsequently. A search party was not even considered.
Both packs met just at the start of a winding single track that crosses a creek gully back and forth a number of times prior to the final hill to the drink stop. Rowdy managed to grab the car key from Lois and open the car boot filled with grog for the slack pricks who celebrated spring by driving to the drink stop. Sillic, Rear Entry, Bad Hair Day and Fluid Movement; you know who you are.
The drink stop had celebratory Hawthorn ales, nice tasting but slightly wasted as the major Hawthorn supporters were conspicuously absent on the day. The rain got heavier, but SS managed to bring his umbrella.
Down downs were commenced after the Hash was moved inside out of the rain. Masturbait was welcomed after 5 weeks' absence. D & C was welcomed back after  a winter's absence. Normal was back, but not welcomed. He did fill in as Sergeant when Bent Nose cracked the shits and refused to do the job.
Fluid Movement performed a manful job fulfilling her duties as grog master despite a prolonged ailment. Both Shafted and Normal appreciated her on her knees and managed to get quite excited. The tension between them to attract her attentions led to a testosterone fuelled atmosphere that almost garnered Sillic's interest; however he stayed outside in the rain.
The fill in screw was delivered by the GM, highlighted again by Heavy's contribution from Paraburdoo, to the tune of Dandenong Ranges,
       "Rowdy's running through the Invermay Ranges with the Hashers for his friends; 
        We started running from RRRRRRowdy's place and finished back there again.
        La de dah dah daa."
and on it went.
The rest of the down downs were marked by Donuts looking remarkably like Russell Crowe should look, and all else trying to avoid the glass that Bad Hair Day drank from. Barbequed meat cooked by Sillic to perfection, salads, boiled potatoes and red wine were the staples of the meal. Shafted was last to leave, and probably managed to get home this time without driving on a short cut for 15 minutes only to pass the front gate again. Whoever said you are never to old to learn was once more proven wrong.

Next week's run is Rear Entry at the Brown Hill Hotel; sounds like a plot line from Deliverance.

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