Thursday, October 30, 2014

RUN 1687, Balls Up Recovery Run, Lake Wendouree, Hare: Rowdy, 26 October 2014

Balls Up done and dusted, Ballarat again turned on a pearler of a day to enjoy Sausages Bacon and Egg sandwiches with Rodney Rocket greens and Parsley garnish partaken by the masses.
A few partook in Rowdy’s Run showing off the neighbourhood.  They got back just in time to get a serve of the last morsels of Criss Cross’s extra loaves and fishes. It was Sunday after all.
The crowd was partially dispersed when we caught our breath and had a dose of Down Downs without our Hare.  We welcomed dignitaries once again and drank together merrily. We thanked all who came and travelled far, many escaping the concrete jungle. 
Heavy had to spawn his “Hey Hey were the Monkey’s” song on Criss Cross as stand-in as Rowdy had dashed home to tend to his Catheta and “mow the lawn”. It was Sunday after all.
Here he come, runnin'
Down the street.
he get the funniest looks from
Ev'ry one he meets.....
Hey, hey, yes he’s Rowdy
And he like dressing in drag.
But if he has half a chance
he will give any woman a shag
Love that song.  Many of the following charges were reflecting antics from the previous evening and many were mentioned in the previous Blog but when Tight and Tender was called out the front, Mounty thought she was being addressed. We took the Christian view and let her dream live on. It was Sunday after all. Although in confession she converted to Loose and Aggressive.
Girls were the Butt of many charges and they took it well.  Thank your mother for the rabbits, A40 for his assistance with the venue, all including Empty who jumped in to help, and the masses for coming. See you all at D&E's Balls Up next year. Go in quiet enjoyment of the last of the weekend. It was Sunday after all.

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