Thursday, November 6, 2014

RUN 1689, Venue: East Point Clubrooms, Hare: Glider, 3 November 2014

A roll of masking tape, some wooden horse sticks, white boards race fields form sheets and two fluffy dice. Glider sought a volunteer as didn’t want just anyone holding his charms in the palm of their hand but Roadrunner was hesitant about rolling the dice again.  The stage was set! Cup Sweep open and closed the pressure was on to head off on the run.
The craftily carved clockwise curves cyclically centred on the clubhouse in the shape of a map of England.  The drink stop was at the old servo, freshly painted and temporarily devoid of graffiti. On home down the creek then the pressure is on to get under starters orders so we set out down down and out to the balcony.
Welcomes back the single man; the girls know who he is. Mounty is at the back of the queue as she was absent with our Pus. Welcome backs too to two Normal, we thought we’d lost him and his sense of humour.
Most significant run pointed out by the Billy Goat was related to 69 and Nummy, go figure. Something about his age and what he would like as a present.  Spence later revealed that as last week was 1000, arithmetic logic surely meant this week was 1001, the palindromic digit sum of two fingers and a bum.

Heavy, (lover of sport that he is) did his own version of a call of the card.  …although Rear Entry was in a new stable the single guy is running free and is yet to be corralled. SOS need blinkers as he finds it hard to stay on track, SS should be retired (he even drew Admire Rakti in the Sweep as a reminder).

Donuts was swabbed because he was considerably down in weight, as was Silic, a stone lighter but the healing scar led to his scratching. Mrs Dickhead has a new Jockey with a larger whip. Shafted has had a disappointing year in the Golden Stakes. The Billy goat has been taking a good sit behind the fillies

Why do you need a microphone?  Spartacus arksed as the HEAVY’S screw song boomed across the Eastern Oval for the amassed crowds to hear, the possum, the squirrel and the owl. None of which complained. The producer and sound engineer had the echo set purrfeck to peak performance of Tom Jones’ Delilah.

I saw the light on the night that I passed by the football club window
I saw the flickering shadows of stupid games on the blind

This is a running club
And as we get older it seems that we walk, I really don’t mind.


My, my, my, Dear Glider
Why? Why? Why Dear Glider?


He stood there laughing          
So, I pissed on his Volvo, and he laughed no more.

My, my, my, Dear Glider
Why? Why? Why Dear Glider?


Spence presided over charges rushed through because the first 2 races were to be run before dinner during which the Cup Sweep draw was conducted.

The Barman was a late Welcome Back Cotter, we needed him a lot so we got him on the spot so he wouldn’t get shot.
Races were run the dice were rolled, the men were timid and the women were bold.
It seemed Num and Dum were the winners of nearly everything (surely they won’t miss a sip or two of scotch). Zero olives though.  The Axedale parcel was won by country member and were well appreciated.

A great night thanks great efforts of Glider.  Thanks also to Bent and the ladies for the plates and dishes being done.

PS Sweep Results
Bent Nose, battling Ann and Rex here, is down to jockey weight and although riding a conveyance that has been around over a 1000 times, managed to be a Protectionist rather than a Driefontonic perfectionist and came home first in the Cup sweep.

Heavy seconded with Red Cadeaux, $30 dollars donated to SS and Movember

The Barman eventually shot home for third for Glider.

The $10 surplus from the sweep was also added to the SS Movember for Men’s Health.  The hat, starting with at least $40, will go around Monday.

Next Week’s Run: Alfredton Primary School Gymnasium   Hare;  Candida Theme; Schoolies Dress

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