Saturday, October 4, 2014

RUN 1681 Venue: Millers Arms Hotel Hare: SILIC 29 September 2014

After the Ball, the football that is, Finals finalised, frayed friendships, magpies denying it even mattered. SILIC fresh from another year of the dog and feeling lighter had actually traversed the run on foot.  We set off on on down toward the North Brit where we lost a lot of non-runners to the drink. (they caught out FLO JO and SORRY wagging hash.  We generally ran up Macarthur.  MOUNTY knocked on PHUKWITPHILL’s door, also caught out wagging hash, to the Lake, to Webster, down to Armstrong and back up to car boot drink stop, simple but effective as opposed to simple and defective.
Welcome Backs to ROWDY from his Asian Jaunt, EXIT glided back in, did we forget JACK Who was banished to Hash while his girls gallivanted?  On a slow-news-night MRS DICKHEAD was belatedly presented with a Fabrique en Belgique Hash nametag necklace for her monumental 400th run.
Popular punt for the screw song was, Like a Rubber Ball I’ll come bouncing back to you! HEAVY rejected this as too obvious and surprised us with a Sinatra classic, That’s Life, that’s what people say, got two balls in April, only one in May, back soon, back on top in June. What resilience!
BENT stepped up to the plate to fill SPENCES seargeanting shoes.  After all of last week’s Christmas copulation comedrop creations celebrations we had a New Year party porking product from the mid-1900s. Congrat's to EXIT for celebrating another year.
Victorious footy drinks to Hawk supporters, ROAD RUNNER and SPARTACUS. CRISS CROSS chimed in with a Goodwill with Harmony joke about the mysterious Tom Jones syndrome. When asked if its rare DOC replied, “It’s Not Unusual”
Then BENT got depressed when realised that despite his wasting efforts, he still throws a shadow. He made BP eat his sausage at the ensuing BBQ and made do with the salad undressed to the amusement of the Millers Darts teams.  Get your Balls Up Money and Registerashuns to LOIS This Monday.
Next Week’s Run: 269 Alkera Road Invermay  Hare; Trailmaster ROWDY Theme; Back to Bushics.

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