Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RUN 1681 Venue: Park Hotel Hare: FOP 22 September 2014

Footy finals fever flavour for Brownlow night. Son of God, Ablettt a turd time? Son of timber merchant, Sellwood?  It was Full House in the Sportsman’s Bar on the rapidly expanding Alfredton side of town. Sure to be a successful venture with the well experienced Snow behind the bar with some lovely Lung Yadies.  Still, it was somewhat surprising to have only a dozen runners out of the 3 dozen or so Hash attendees.

Up Sturt to Salute at the Arch, into the School Yard (near where a very young JACK OFF nearly drowned as he was pinned under a borrowed trampoline) behind the Y, bordering on Lake Gardens, Trout Hatchery, Tram Shed POW Memorial, past the olympicking rings and Loreto. Deep into Vic Park where PEBBLES in his pie crust jumper was doing a GAY walk, DUMB says that’s NORMAL,  PEBBLES claimed to have rolled an ankle but as he kept on rolling it through Vic Park he had a funereal like cortege of horny hopefuls driving slowly behind him! He picked up some more strays hooded lads near the old pound. HER VAGESTY was so impressed by the bloke pulling powers of rolling an ankle she tried it in a sprainful way.  It worked! FOP focussed and the BILLY GOAT groped to the rescue, hands harrying to help harness the humpable heiress.  Word back from Hospital was the hankle will mend hardier than the hand prints. (Lucky the Courierfashionista filmed the Esmeexpose earlier.)
The drinkstop stocked lots of champers and beer including FatYaks. On Home, around the corner to the PUB, then out the back to the sound shell of the smoker’s den for the noisy crowd to do Down Downs.
Welcome Backs to anyone that missed a couple or more runs, most notably Gorgeous CLEAVAGE, Dapper SQUIZZY, & Chatty Man HEMORRHOIDS, also DONUTS (finished interviewing 16 yr olds girls),  BEER FUCK (flew the coup), NORMAL (recently deported from Thailand for touching) were amongst the many that came out to play.  Significant runs to BEER FUCK, lucky man with two fat ladies 88, MOUNTIE with 989, LOIS flew in with 727.  Christmas Day root BIRFDAYS were everywhere, including PHUKWIT PHIL, CLEAVAGE and DUMB coming soon.
HEAVY excelled in absentia one again capturing the monumental moment combining footy, screwing, brewing.  He had composed a special version of “Up there FOPCazaly”. Unfortunately due to a twist of fate and Her Vagesty’s ankle FOPturnal duties meant the PRECIOUS “Froot of his loins ” had to take one for him.  PRECIOUS was the only youngster this week (must have been busy licking each other’s wounds after last week’s big dance off.)
DUMB presided over accolades passed on to MOUNTIE from the bus driver for being the Blonde buzzing up on Black Tie Night. Some footy jokes happened and DUMB thought getting some Down Down groups together to celebrate a Hash Downlow Medal Count would fit the Bill. SPARTACUS HAWK and PUSSBUCKET SWAN were facing a drink-off now they are in the Granny together. Something that most of the older Hash blokes are into nowadays, different grannys though!
On On down for the Count and some tucker whilst watching telly. Priddisimple really!!
Next Week’s Run: Millers Arms Hotel corner Doveton and Howard Streets Hare; SILIC Theme; Prosthetics.

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