Tuesday, May 30, 2017

29 - 5 -'17   Run 1826  14 Platypus Dve

CHRIS CROS' run from home, with 23 fronting up - bit less 
than last week - was there a Breakaway meeting, attending 
the "Office?" INSATIABLE & FERGIE were there from Cat
Country, & said they hoped  to be back in a month.
After walks & runs, we all met at the Corona & Chips
Drink-stop by the Cricket Oval, then back for the circle 
& On After. 
HER VAGESTY was holding up the drinks court in the 
welcomed with a drink, JITTERBUG for her Run No 16, 
& MOUNTIE for her athletic "endeavours", asking 
Sonia O'Sullivan for a photo (just push that button), 
& ending up with an autograph as well.
Stand-in, Stand-in Screw SHAFTED was up next, & 
reckoned it was a 'good' run, at the same time, a 'porno' 
run - HEAD HUNTER was in front of him all the way, making
it his 'wet dream' run. Local kids had chalk spread all over
the place, interrupting trail, & FERGIE reckoned he'd never
seen such long on-backs. SHAFTED gave the run a 
score-card of "Sex", then HEAD HUNTER gave them the 
Shitty Trail song.
They called it the Dick Dynasty, with all dicks drinking
together - 2 DICKS, QUICK DICK, & of course the other
Stand-in Sergeant BENT NOSE charged GM FOP for lack
of attendance by the "lower the bar" Committee.
THE BILL kept up the sniffyc*nts of 1826 by arriving late
(for him) at 18:26 pm. SHAFFY had a drink for his 
namesake & Composer, Stephen Foster's birth year
of 1826 - then came the chorus's (is that Chorii?) of
Camptown Races & Oh Suzanna etc.
MOUNTIE charged DR DEATH for his 'knee trembler' when
getting off his bike, then NUMMY for not telling everyone
early enough about "Filthy Brown's" win, (we saw the
replay at the drink-stop on DUMBER's dodgy phone, 
with the flat battery).
HALF A BAR had a drink for his recent 'TV Star' appearance
on Lateline. 
SS (with the extra slit !!), charged NORMAL for looking gay -
his new night vision torch that he uses to ward off the 
snipers, shows a pink light.
When D&C gets charged, NORMAL usually drinks for her,
but Juri has taken over, so now we have a 3'some, with drinks
going every which way.
SHAFFY complained that D&C was loosing interest, because
she wouldn't 'push back', when he was behind 
'pushing forward'. 
NORMAL charged HER VAG as she was the lone female
walking amongst the "Senior Gentleman' & didn't know
(or want to know) about 'Bonanza', 'The Rifleman', 'Steptoe
& Son' et al.
DUMBER charged 2 DICKS & CHRIS CROS for revisiting the
Horticultural Hash, bringing out the ornamental grapes
from the garden, then JITTERBUG charged DR DEATH for 
taking so long on his bike at the Ballarat Lodge building -
would've had time to seduce 2 women.
MOUNTIE charged FERGIE for being sprawled out on the 
car bonnet & really denting it - gonna' need a tow truck there.
Something about cat burglars THE BILL & FOP (anyone
remember?), then all dicks drank again, QUICKDICK, 2 DICKS,
HALF A BAR - where's DR DEATH this time?
SS charged BENTNOSE for stealing his thunder about our
new TV Star HALF A BAR, then reported on GLIDER being 
very unwell due to a serious reaction to his treatment.
Get well GLIDER.
For no other reason, an extra drink for INSATIABLE, as
HER VAG had one left. 
Well done 2 DICKS for the great Dinner treat - Silverside,
Potatoes in their jacket (sour cream & mustard), & Peas,
& plenty of it.

Next week at Cuthbert's, 103 (Their) Rd., On After - same.

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