Monday, May 15, 2017

15 - 5 -'17          Run 1824         Taco Bill's

PEBBLES' run, where DAZED & CONFUSED is the Hare, & the run
set by both, with a 30 hash roll-up. All orders taken for the 
heartburn/raw arse supper & we're standing outside on the On On
Marker, when D&C wearing the Hare Pants, told us that "the On On
is from here". We headed off round town, this time anti-clockwise, 
via the Mall, Civic Hall, St Andrews Church & White Flat, to the 
Drink-Stop out back of PEBBLES' Office, then inside & warmth
for the Down Downs.
Apologies to HEAD HUNTER - she is definitely THE Choirmaster & 
not the stand-in, as said in last week's blah blah!!

Welcome to Andrew Biszczak, for his intro to Hash Harriers & 
the Mighty Sovereign Hash. A stop-over in Ballarat, on his many
marathons on the 3000 kms from Adelaide to Brisbane, to raise 
awareness & funds for kids suffering the "blister disease" -
Epidermolysis Bullosa, that claimed the life of his 2 yr old 
daughter. Ballarat kicked in a total of $545 for the cause.
HEAD HUNTER gave him the Piss Pot chant, tho' he doesn't drink.

Wecomes back to SPARTACUS from NZ & Vietnam, and 
CHRIS CROS from Mt Clear.
HALF A BAR was suggested as a stop-over host to Andrew on his
way to Geelong, & that got him the "Him, Him, F**k Him" chant.
Screw (& half a Hare tonight) PEBBLES screwed D&C (figuratively
this time!!) for the run / walk, drink-stop & warm Down Downs 
venue, giving it a "Silver Award" that was retrieved from the wall
in the office, & got HEAD HUNTER's "Shitty trail, shitty trail" chant.
Reckon we'll get to learn all of these one day? Already know the
"Ought to be ...... " one.
Andrew was charged for having no Hash Gear, & presented with
a MRS DICKHEAD singlet, while 'Paul from London' (on his way
to Indonesia), was given a SILIC shirt - well no-one else wanted it!
PLUCKA drank Andrew's beer.
SPENCER HOCKING charged HEAD HUNTER for using her 
Mastercard on the Miki machine, & SPARTACUS had a drink for
his Silver Medal at New Zealand.
NORMAL bought old mate MASTABAIT a drink. He said BAIT
was to buy a car roof-top tent for the trip (as NORMAL put it,
to Cape Town) to Cooktown & beyond. NORMAL had it 
straight from the horse's mouth that "at 70, BAIT's sex life is 
obviously over", because Marg doesn't want to wake up being 
"chewed on by a Croc".
MASTABAIT charged CHRIS CROS for his lost hat, then his lost
glasses while on the Northern Territory walk - & tonight, almost
lost his wind-up torch.
HEAD HUNTER charged MOUNTIE & QUICKDICK, for crossing the 
roundabout in bad traffic, TEFLON charged NORMAL for the
walk being 'too well' organised this week, & both GLIDER &
MASTABAIT charged for no Hash Gear on display. 
PLUCKA & FANG had a drink for almost head butting, being
a bit eager to get a drink from the Drink-Stop esky.
NORMAL charged FANG for rambling on about swapping a 
lemon tree for a spa in the backyard - "must have been a bloody
big lemon tree, or a small spa", he said !!
HER VAG charged Andrew - who is obviously a hare, 
& PEBBLES - tonight's Hare, with no hair.

Think that's how most of it went - few others I can't decipher!!

Next week's run from HEAD HUNTER & QUICKDICK's place,
3 Davey Street - On After, Top Eureka .... errr, Eureka Pizza. 

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