Monday, June 5, 2017

5 - 6 -'17    Run 1827   103 Cuthbert's Rd.

NUM NUM's run with Co-Hare DUMB & DUMBER in tow, & 
the Hash 25. The kitchen floor needed some treatment from
the Victa, with all the grass transported in underfoot.
15 Super Athletes, 1/2 Doz Walkers & a couple of Bar Flys
(that went nowhere).
The Co-Hare mentioned the trail is marked "mainly on the
footpath except where it isn't", & eluded to a short 'cross
of trail' - he's done 1000+ runs this guy & set how many ??
It was a fairly short run, around 4km, that finished with the
drink-stop at the On After.
At the circle, FOP had welcomes back for the 'short term
Northern Territorian' SILIC, then FANG, PIMP, LOIS LANE,
REAR ENTRY, loose screw FASCINATOR, & special mention
to GLIDER battling his treatment.
DUMBER's bar heaters went on the blink - enter "f**kin'
Tommy f**kin' HALF A BAR to f**kin' get the f**kin things
goin' again".
FASCINATOR said there was trouble when he reached
Buckinghuge Palace last month, after he'd announced
that he was there to screw HER VAGESTY.
Screwing NUMMY, he mentioned a good short run, back
in doors before the rain, but some confusing trail marked,
going both directions, & he had no idea about the 
(HHC)uthbert sign. He gave it a 6.45 score - marked down
because of the heater problem & only 1/2 the party lights
were on. When he Googled 'NUM NUM', he found a 
'lovely white flower that's found in Kenya, & is nice to eat'.
Stand-in, Stand-in, Stand-in Sergeant, PRECIOUS, began
with the sniffyc*nts of 1827 - the year of Beethoven's
death, so the muso's charge went to HEAD JOB
PEBBLES (Hash Horn) & 'all muso's drink together'.
The Right-Wing Nuts HALF A BAR & REAR ENTRY had
a drink to celebrate the unveiling of Tony Abbott's bust,
& the shiny head gave HEAD JOB another freeby.
GLIDER charged the 'Landline TV Celeb' HALF A BAR,
for getting thru' his segment without saying f**k once
on camera, then HALF A BAR had a 2nd when SILIC
charged him for the Production Crew needing at least
5 days to edit the tape.
ROWDY charged his No1 patient SILIC, for coming home
looking like shit, after a month spent in the Darwin sun.
DAZED & CONFUSED was dazed & confused, after 
finding out that DR DEATH could actually have a drink
at 8 am. 
Birthday drinks were had by DUMBER for his Aunt's
90th, D & C for Dad's 90th, & MOUNTIE for becoming
a Great Aunt.
PIMP took a drink, that should've been for CRUTCHLESS,
when she was asked, "Where does his name come from?"
LOIS LANE, living just round the corner, got lost, even tho'
she knew how to get back to the drink-stop.
DR DEATH charged DR ROWDY (for whatever !!), then
both had a drink, because 'all Doctors drink together'.
photo at Taco Bill's a month ago, eating tacos with 
knives & forks - he must have been on FaKebook
in the UK. 
FOP got in a plug for the Black Tie Mystery Bus in
3 weeks - said "maybe boys dress as girls & vice versa,
but if it was up to me it'd be pants off" - who would've
ever guessed that??
Big thanks to NUMMY for her kitchen endeavours - 
pasta, rice, bol, casserole, quiche, salad, and ice cream
& fruit salad.

Next week - Committee Run from MOUNTIE's place,
Devon St (especially there to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's
Birthday !!) - or will it revert to The Lakeview?

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