Monday, May 8, 2017

8 - 5 -'17         Run 1823        Barkly St School

TEFLON's run from the School Car Park, with a 30 roll-up. 
Stand-in Choirmaster HEAD HUNTER returned, & called reverance
for the GM, with FOP's 1st utterings being STUBBY's grog for sale.
TEFLON had a glowing pre-amble for the run - " Running in the
truly magnificent East, plenty of trail marked, no on-backs, no 
hills .........etc".
9 walkers, 3 or 4 bar flys to the pub, so about 18 runners headed
off. GILF was in charge of the walkers, much to the "pissedoffment"
of NORMAL. She had a couple of goes at getting the 
"little green man" to light up at Victoria St (& we didn't even need
to cross over !!), then at Specimen Vale "umm ... where to now??"
Back to the down downs & FOP's next commercial for STUBBY -
must be some commission happening !!
Sniffyc*nt  runs for CRUTCHLESS & PIMP - 10 each. 
PEBBLES was stand-in Screw  for FASCINATOR (see the selfie
video on the Hash Page) & mentioned the cold night & having to
cross the rail twice, but the trail did get better once it reached the 
granite sand track - awarded the "blue star" - enter HEAD HUNTER
with the Shitty Trail chant.
Charges "may include, but not limited to......."
PIMP had a drink for his services - stand-in Chauffeur while the
old man's away. CRUTCHLESS was next as she was asked "How
do you think HEAD HUNTER & QUICK DICK got their names?"
HEAD HUNTER wouldn't divulge, but had a very wide grin, & still
singing chants from her song sheet. All dicks drink together, so 
out the front QUICKDICK, FOP (for a limp dick) & HALF A BAR.
BENT had a complaint in there somewhere about the beer (?) -
(wish I could read this bloody 'short-hand' next day!!). 
ROWDY & PEBBLES had a drink for the passing of Lou Richards,
then Juri charged NUM & DUMB for leading him astray on the run.
JITTERBUG took a drink from TEFLON for when DIGIT DIGESTER
fell over, & BAD HEAD JOB for rolling the ankle tonight.
FOP's been Wiki-ing - 1823 was the first official Australian gold 
discovery in Bathurst. 
GILF was next for getting the walkers "lost" - "there's a Church 
up here somewhere", & NORMAL gave her a 2nd drink for being
such a shit Walk Commandant. HEAD HUNTER has finally 
ditched the song sheet & is back to a chant that we know, & it 
wasn't "They ought to be .... !!"
Juri had a drink for being a worse joker than HALF A BAR, then
GILF, JITTERBUG & HEAD HUNTER for being amongst the 
European invasion to the mighty Sovereign Hash.
Last charge was for PLUCKA for being up & about again, & still
having the smile on her face, since Paul 'Bearer' is home.

Next week's run - PEBBLES from Taco Bill's (next to Safeway)

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