Tuesday, May 23, 2017

22 - 5 -'17            Run 1825        3 Davey St

QUICK DICK & HEAD HUNTER's run from home, with the Hash 30'ish.
We headed off into the wind, with QUICK DICK in the pink Hare pants,
& both Hares with a handful of chalk each, live-setting as we went.
Turned out to be the Catholic run of the year - running thru' St John
of God, Aquinas Uni & back thru' Nazareth House, after a short stint
on the Lake. Cheeky bugger PRECIOUS reckoned we should get out
of Nazzy straight away, before they kept a few of us. A well stocked 
drink-stop by Officeworks, & then back for the Circle.
Welcome back to SS, now with the extra 'slit'. CRUTCHLESS couldn't
work out the reason behind SS's Hash name, so the most senior & 
most junior members drank together to HEAD HUNTER's chant of
"Old bastard & young slut". SPENCER HOCKING then presented the
appropriate Pirate Gear to SS, to go with the newly acquired 'slit',
being the eye patch, hat & sword, & he drank to the tune of 
"Him, him, fu*k him".
Stand-in Screw PEBBLES was next ( FASCINATOR flys in today),
& gave virgin hares (at Ballarat), QUICK DICK & HEAD HUNTER a 
'2 Silver Star' rating for an extremely well set run & drink-stop.
Sergeant SPENCE called out Juri for "what happens in new shoes",
& JITTERBUG for "what happens in new boots" - she had on the 
CFM Boots - & they both drank to the "Get back in the kitchen" charge.
FOP was charged for donating the contents of the tin last week, &
SHAFTED, as the Company Director, was "going to" donate.
PRECIOUS had his 1st beer charge, after being seen with 3 lovely
girls together last week - why wouldn't you be there again this week
instead of coming to Hash?
NORMAL had a charge for SS - reckons SS is dumber than himself.
Checking the Shuttlebus manifesto at Tullarmarine, NORMAL couldn't 
find passengers J. Hardy & D. Faulkner - turns out SS had no idea
where to catch the bus.
HEAD JOB had a drink for posting wrong info in last week's 'blah blah',
about Andrew's daughter & the blister disease - where did you say
I could get that Sub-Editor?
DUMBER was charged for feeding his meat to JITTERBUG at the 
Friday Gossip Club lunch, then ROWDY charged NORMAL for the
20 year passing of the NORMAL dummy (or stubby) spit in Mair St.
ROWDY had another drink for his run No 1111, & MOUNTIE charged
QUICK DICK for saying on the run "it's dark at this time at night !!"
SHAFFY heard THE BILL having a bit of a 'gloat' on the run, so 
thought he should be re-named "Billy Gloat", then Juri charged
NUM & DUMB for their little bit of 'romanticism' on the run.
CHRIS CROS charged PRECIOUS for dropping the money tin, 
& spilling change everywhere - wonder how much did roll 
under the deck?
DUMBER charged QUICK DICK for having NUMMY & not 
HEAD HUNTER phone in when the bus was full of women.
QUICK DICK  wondered how so many could get 'lost' in the 2 storey
car park at Ballarat Base - have a drink ROWDY.
FANG wanted to know if we could get a 'where's GLIDER app' 
(ala where's Wally) seeing as SS gets asked about GLIDER 
every week - something like that !!  
SPENCE charged HEAD HUNTER for the match-box sized garbage
bin - "We are at Hash you know", & then HEAD HUNTER had a 2nd,
as she didn't want to start the new job at JK smelling of grog - 
enter MOUNTIE ........ annnnnd "Ought to be.....".
DR DEATH & SOS made it to the On After - obviously SOS had been
busy "Tidying" somewhere.

Next week's run, CHRIS CROS at home, 19 Platypus Drive, Mt Clear,
ummm .... rear entry. Perhaps BYO Chair.

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