Tuesday, May 2, 2017

1 - 5 -'17        Run 1820      703 Latrobe St

HER VAGESTY's very rainy run from home. GM FOP ascended
the pulpit to address the multitudes - all 21 of them, then came
GILF & SHAFTED (who said SHAT-FED ??). FOP said the 
weather 'lowered the bar' even further, & then came the adverts
about STUBBY's beer being on sale - a little cheaper than last
week at Munster's, where the Publican claimed to be educating
HER VAG described the run as 5km, but would be following on
the bike - is that how she set it ?
Runners & Walkers headed off, to leave 6 bar Flys-flys thinking 
about testing some of FOP's home brew direct from the keg - 
alas, not working, "something blocking the pipes".
At the Drink-stop, we had plenty of jelly shots & beer from the 
fridge, but no-one took up FOP's offer of the home brew that
as he said " Wasn't too good". Didn't we have a whole year of
that when you were Grogmaster FOP?
On After & welcomes back to BENTNOSE, Juri & PIMP (who
was our stand-in chauffeur, as the old man SILIC was getting
closer to Darwin by the minute).
FOP wants to "make Hash great again" (um .. RAISING the bar?)
by auditing the book, making 2 Nash Hash runs count, so that
tonight becomes Run 1822. NUMMY wasn't happy, but SPENCER
HOCKING is now on 1100, & MOUNTIE 1111. The "Pot calling
the kettle black" was re-awarded to BENTNOSE (why was that
again??), then BENT tagged sooky la la.
They thought the bar was lowered further, as PEBBLES was 
stand-in Screw. He talked about trail around the trotting track
& soccer field, but didn't 'digress', & then gave the run an
alphabet score of 'J' - at least it wasn't that drawn out epistle
from FASCINATOR's phone!!
New shoes came up & Juri said "No way", then PIMP with
"what not to do with new shoes".
Congrats to SPARTACUS for his 'Silver' at New Zealand - you'll
do PIMP, have a drink.
FOP, HER VAG & NORMAL were charged for "dining" during
the down downs, but the focaccia out of the pizza oven was 
pretty nice. FOP had wheeled the oven over from Adair St. 
NORMAL charged old mate MASTABAIT for beetroot actually
coming out of the ground. MOUNTIE was charged for having a 
heavy boulder in her backpack at Tassie, taking over D&C's
bed, then leaving a log in the WC. 
"John from London" ran the rainy trail in singlet & shorts - 
probably thought the climate was just like home, & that's 
when MOUNTIE trotted out that freakin' "Ought to be ... "
Get rid of it !!!
Everyone enjoyed HER VAG's catering - The pulled pork 
casserole, coleslaw, spud & bread rolls.
Google wasn't at all kind to BENTNOSE. The ONLY time in his
life that he's ever been wrong!! The discussion went round &
round for a while, until BENT produced the phone, to find that 
"Jockey Smith was shot in '92 by the cop at Creswick, at 
The Farmer's Arms Pub, NOT The American" - (sniff, sniff)

Here endeth .....

Next Week, TEFLON's run. On On at Barkly St School, 
On After Top Eureka.

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