Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24 - 4 -'17       Run 1819     Munster's Arms

THE BILL's run on Anzac Eve. PRECIOUS was stand-in 
Choirmaster, on what FOP called the Pre Anzac Eve run, quickly
corrected by SPENCER HOCKING - Errr ... Pre Anzac Eve was
Sunday Night !! 21 in for the night, & SHAFFY continued to 
'lower the bar' - late again. According to THE BILL, the run was
"beautifully set this morning in 4 lb of flour" - not sure about it
after 25 ml of precipitation.
Runners & walkers took off, leaving 5 bar-flys to get down downs 
sorted. Due to the over the top bar prices ($7 pot of light & $5 pot
of heavy) there'd be no delight from the pub, even if REAR ENTRY
was sent in to negotiate. NORMAL was Walker's Commandant &
phoned in to ask about the Drink-stop - Pizza Hut carpark.
FLOP decided to go & buy a regulation Dan's slab, & down down's
to be undercover at Ray's Outdoors.
Welcomes back for Paul from England, MASTABAIT from NT &
GLIDER - also FANG (but he's not Juri). The bar was 'lowered so
much' that Grog Master CRUTCHLESS was on the floor - SILIC 
thought she was lucky she didn't stick to it.
FOP thought it was the 'Public Holidays Hash' with so many
holidays backed up together.
Screw FASCINATOR took over for the shortest screw ever - about
15 seconds, after his marathon read from the phone last week,
& gave THE BILL a 6.9, so SILIC charged FASCINATOR for the 
'piss weak' effort. THE BILL had a drink for not checking prices
of grog & food for the night, with the Publican - we thought the 
Publican might've been trying to square off his mortgage in
the 1st couple of weeks.
Sergeant SPENCE charged FOP for his down downs at Ray's -
does this mean he's trying to 'Ray's the Bar' again? 
CRUTCHLESS had drinks for the question 'How did FOP &
MASTABAIT get their Hashnames?'
THE BILL, FANG & Paul had a Pre Anzac drink for the Allies,
and MASTABAIT & GLIDER for the old farts at Hash. The fallen
comrades of Hash were recognised - MIDNIGHT, RUSSELL UP
had a drink & hoped that he wasn't going to be the next!!
because she could only remember 'a James Robertson' at 
school with dark hair!! DUMBER also charged SPENCE for 
having to apologize to our Publican for not getting to his pub
on the Christmas Run, as the Publican had put on extra staff
& food for the visit.
FOP charged FASCINATOR for wearing no Hash gear - instead,
the PRD stove-pipes & pixie boots. CRUTCHLESS was presented
with a singlet top that had painted-on hands to look like breast
supports - but not a lot to support !!
Paul had a drink out of his old/new shoes - DUMBER for his
fairy boots, & SILIC for the beer that was named after him -
'backward nut'. 
SHAFTED had given dog 'Jess' some crook food, so 
CRUTCHESS gave us a demo of dog actions, spinning round
on the floor, with legs in the air like a dying fly.

Nuffsed - next week at HER VAG's place, 703 Latrobe St.,
BYO chair.

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