Wednesday, March 2, 2016

29/2/16 Facinator's Mt Bolton run

We all arrived wondering how Fascinstor would include the auspicious date as a theme of his run. After all, hash will not be held on Feb 29th  again until the middle of the century and a few of us are concerned that we may be unaware of hash by then.
Fascinator ignored the whole event.
 His fire break did prove effective.
 Sorry Drambuie.
 We found our own way to the side of Mt Beckworth and followed a trail until it soon disappeared. Hashers were observed scattered about the mount, presuming that up was the best option. The Hare could occasionaly be heard calling" On Back" from wherever he happened to be at the time. The pack eventually found his drink stop which did allow for photo virtual district tour opportunities.
 Teflon is now much the wiser and I think he thanked the GM.
 Shafted told us that we were all standing on rocks.
We then slipped our way back to the foot of the mount.
It was pointed out that, had this been his birthday, he would be just out of teenagerhood.
Bait's fooy team was lauded for coming such a close second to the Maggies.
Rear Entry enjoyed the view of the wind turbines on behalf of Tony.
A winged Sergeant called on wife Lynne for several (small) drinks.
The Bill was recognised for continued consistent attendance at hash. We are on to those like Excess Baggage and Stinton who attend irregularly just to get a free drink.
 Recently, there have been too many making excuses about travel difficulties as a way of avoiding charges relating to uncomfortable truths.
A BBQ on a balmy evening followed.
Next week at St George's Lake.

The GM, BHD,Shafted, GILF, Teflon, Spencer Hocking, MrsD and Rowdy, along with Laurie, Fluid Movement and Shagger attended Western Suburbs AGM on Tuesday.
The run took us under the Westgate, beside a toxic creek and around a giant brothel before we got to the less salubrious areas of the west.
 Food arrived early, which provoked the predictable bunfight.
None of us won a prize in the raffle, which was disappointing as 63 other people got something.
We do come home with wind up torches.
 Our AGM, on April 11th, at The Freight Bar, will bear no similarity.
Fluid made a late bid for an award by complaing about the cost of her accommodation. That  Awards Night which is on March 21st at the Grapes, Grant St.


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