Wednesday, March 9, 2016

6/3/16 Mountie's St George's Lake Run

Great to see how the catchcry of  "No more Mediocrity" has inspired so many at Hash.
Last week Fascinator made a determined bid for an award with his idiosyncratic event.
BHD continues to recycle running shoes in a bid for the Tightarse award.
The Screw really warmed to her summation of the run despite missing all of it.
If only Boot could find similar inspiration. Cardinal George has offered to step up and be our Religious Advisor. Its true that he might not make it to Ballarat every week, but then our incumbent is not always a consistent attendee. George has suggested that we recruit Lester the CM from Western Suburbs." Must be a local diocese that would meet his needs.He'd need a couple of week's counselling first, but.." ,says George.
The sergeant was illuminated.
The Bill has reverted to parking in another postcode.
It was discovered that an american group with an aversion to trade unions and uppity coloreds, was
re-convened after the second world war under a certain Graeme Greene. (Rear Entry may now to be adressed as "The Grand Wizard")
Salad rolls were followed by Mountie's carrot cake.
Next week, Schroeder's Rd Haddon. Follow the signs to Haddon Common.

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