Tuesday, February 23, 2016

22/2 The Black Hill Big Bash Pusbucket and Mountie

An auspicious date for cricket. Many irregular Hashers attending  made batting a perilous exercise. That and the  massive off -breaks of Boot being matched by the classic catching of Half-a-Bar. GILF brought techniqes from some other sport to the game. 
The run began with rain threatening, Pusbucket and Spartacus were referring to their Duckworth-Lewises, but, as is so often the case at hash, clear skies prevailed.
 The class of SOS and Little Evil prevailed.
The original blackface Spences were remembered. Normal was reminded to look before driving his bus under a bridge. We do understand that there is a fickle judgement involved where vehicle height is concerned.
Merkin and The Bill were observed racing. Merkin had youth and the fact that he had only done the last 100 metres of the run on his side.
Next week at Mt Beckworth if it is not incinerated.
Next Tuesday. a bus from Reptile Gulch for  Western Suburbs. Be there by 5:45 with at least $28.

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