Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horticultural Hash Awards 2016

Green Sock  Ah Soh's Clubman  Award

 Pus Bucket

 Setting runs at short notice and advancing emails from Central America about upcoming runs.

Rowdy  Being stand in trailermaster, sergeant, RA, and other stuff

Shafted  Trailermaster and BBQ supplier of everything culinary, with the  exception vegeburgers, helping with Nash Hash and everything else that needed doing.

Dumb and Dumber . Keeping a collection of degenerates off the street each Friday lunchtime

The Bill Providing the drinks for his own 1500th run. Getting us reinstated at the Leagues Club.

 The Winner Shafted

Piss Pot

Spartacus Being seen in 3 pubs in an afternoon – but that was at a reunion.- Made a strong bid yet again at the Black Tie night.

Fop Losing his pants even earlier than usual at the Black Tie night.

Rear Entry drinking instead of running at all on such a consistent basis.
The Winner Spartacus
Shit House Run

Teflon Sort of 5 Ways  Direction to the run confused all at hash but seems to attract some footy club. Marking a run over intermittent quartz in small dobs of flour. The first run to be described by the hare as deteriorating past halfway, confounding the Hash Horn.

Glider Gathering us all in a windswept concrete cavern on the coldest night of the year- and it was Normal’s 1000th.

Committee   Lake View New year’s run which required the runners to purchase their own drink while the walkers had slabs by the lake.

Plucka   Halloween Claims the run was washed out although no rain was recorded that day. Then the BBQ was inundated by sprinklers.

Spartacus. Park View Lost the pack at the second mark near Aldi. Few of us found any more trail and hashers could be found scattered about Alfredton calling” looking” plaintively.

GM didn’t get to the drink stop.

Fascinator Burnt out several neighbours practicing lighting the BBQ a few days prior to the run. Lost almost all the pack who were left to scramble up Mt Beckworth as best they could and then locate an elusive drinkstop.
The Winner Fascinator
Tight Arsed Prick

Fluid Movement Being like lightning collecting freebies. Making the most of   an unattended Bain Marie.

GILF and Spencer Hocking. Commandeering the hash crockery and cutlery to impress  visitors.

Bad hair Day Taking Marnie overseas – to Norfolk Island – using a voucher.
Oldest shoes in Hash

Half–a-Bar  Having a run when most of Hash is away to save on the drink stop.
The Winner GILF

F’ing Spectacle

Mountie Bleeding all over a drink stop after digging too deep for the for a stubby.

Silic Falling over a footpath and gashing his head. Various distortions to his foot.

Mrs Dickhead. Taking us to Lake Esmond on the night of the Bay of Fires when most of the lake was circled by fire in the dark.

       The Winner Mrs Dickhead       

       Shit Hot Run

SS Black Hill run that had everything.

Spencer Hocking  Ham and salad and a pleasant On After at Union Jack Lane.

Donuts No fireworks but a varied bush run. BBQ and campfire with Classic Rock DVD’s


 Little between disaster and triumph.

4:00 Lawyers circling

5:00 Unchristened Hashman sent out to start setting the run

6:00 Half a Bar’s breaking and entering skills employed to open the shed.

7:00 A grand bush run in new territory.

8:00 Even the Western Suburbs delegation find us.

9:00 Christening of Merkin, BBQ , wine and all’s well.

Pebbles  Setting a run in a location that challenged veteran hashers and Google alike. The on after satisfied even Fang and Silic.

 The Winner Shafted

Pot Calling Kettle Black

Rowdy awarded this to Dumb and Dumber
Dummy Spit Award
Next Week Slaty Creek for the Daylight Savings Run




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