Tuesday, March 15, 2016

14/3/16 Pebbles at Haddon Common

The venue proved elusive even for some of our veteran hashers. The Trailmaster was rightly blamed for the confusion.
Fang mde his first appearance for ten years. He was highly impressed by the imroved spread on offer.The magnificent salads and varied protein choices were in contrast to the snags on day old bread of his days.
Some hashers had achieved milestones. This had escaped the attention of thjos on the committee entrusted to bring such events to the notice of the GM. Luckily shafted was paying attention.
Well done to :The Bill 1500 runs, GILF 200 and Beer Fuck who reckons his 100th was sometime in the past. Thanks to The Bill for supplying drinks. It is not what your hash should do for you, but what you can do for hash. The quality of the runs completed is also relevant. Mediocre  is the new standard.
Bait's efforts in demolishing half a bay's seafood on Saturday was noted.
Donut's opinion on the screw's efforts was declared invalid on the grounds that he has not witnessed a run in SS's memory.
Next week at The Grapes for the Awards Night when many face their comeuppance.

Ballarat Rovers have organised a working bee to help Drambuie to clear up around his Mt Bolton block - Eastern Peake Rd then Sawpit Rd- following the recent bushfire there, this Saturday and Sunday. Bring gloves and eye protection if you can as they will be mostly rolling wire.

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