Monday, March 28, 2016

28/3/16 Rowdy's Daylight Savings at Slaty Creek

Geocaching and  references to an earlier Easter and the destruction of antiquities in Palmyra along with a message from Nepal featured at this run, witnessed by an elite dozen.
A geocaching site was located near the camp ground. Google that.
We initially thought that the trail had diverted to Gesthemane as strange sounds came from a cave, but it was just Shafted being pursued from an old mine  by 1000 wasps.
The removal of the other baddies from Palmyra reminded us of Rear Entry and Road Runner collecting the remaining sleepers from the original Ghan railway line and incinerating them as a camp fire.
The Consul- General of Nepal has thanked Ballarat Hash for their interest but asks that they have a rest from us for a while.
Lois was ambushed by the other walker,Glider and a shortcutting Trail Master.
Sausages,chops salad and a regular sized campfire followed.
Next week at the GM's - 14 Platypus Dve for a run and a Heavy meal.Park at the back but avoid the guerilla plantings.

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