Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/4/16 Square Root Day run Cris Cros's

The run was enjoyed so much that part of the pack commenced a second circuit.As we crossed trail, Two Dicks set the last bit in generous style until she ran out of flour.
  Not enough girls drinks at the drink stop though..
New to hash were sandgropers Josh and Chantelle.
Captain Knockers was checking us out for Nash Hash.
Normal was back from Nepal. Fluid flew in.
Spence was given space to explain Square Root Day but this inspired  one of his numerical rants.
Bent has been bent yet again and has used the surgery as an opportunity to have titanium gear changing apparatus implanted.
Precious was encouraged to leave the country. He will however, remain in the same hemisphere despite our sponsorship of his attempt at enlightenment.
Dumb and Dumber and Num Num are now setting up a structural engineering consultancy.
The Icelandic PM, Vladimir Putin and probably Pebbles are involved in stashing funds in a tax haven. Potential Hash Cash there.
D&C is approaching a milestone birthday. SS became tongue tied and we should make allowances.
The Heavy food was corned beef, mash and peas followed by cake - thanks to KFC -and ice cream.
Next week- the last of Horticultural Hash is at the Freight Bar for the AGM. $25 includes 2 course meal, haberdashery and music. As we will have visitors Melbourne, we will start a bit later- but we have been getting used to that.

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