Thursday, January 30, 2014

Run 1647 Tommy Half a Bar Elaine.

Happy Australia Day. If you were lucky you caught the bus down to Elaine (Tough luck SS).

This was a true Aussie run with the heat, the flies, dust, sheep and shit... and beer.

The run was predictable and ended at the Cemetery where we all payed tribute to Half a Bra.

Most of the Hashers caught a lift back to the house on the back of the ute. This brought back the wild and unsafe days of our childhood. Precious and Immaculate Conception were loving the freedom....

All arrived safe and sound.

Welcome back was to our man Hymen and Little Evil who is carrying an injury. Mountie thought that Hymen was carrying to much pork... looked fine bacon to me...

GoGo was a visitor from Geelong and it was good to see the old Bugger.

JeSOS is growing a handle bar moustache which is very becoming.

The FOP O Metre was again missing in action so FOP used one of his children as a stand in... not a good look.

Tommy Half a Bar told a long, long joke that lost the oomph at the end. Yawn

Following on from Tommy, Dumber attempted to entertain with "Sayings" ooh boy they weren't much better. By the way, did you hear about Dumbers fall...

SS was the BBQ cook and did a great job.

As it is now Friday, my memory is dim to any other Down, Downs but we had a good night as usual.

Next weeks run is on Jindabyne road near the water towers. Bring your own grog and I would suggest chair and food. God bless you all Nummy

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