Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Run 1644 Royal Mail Hotel Hare;Beer F-ck

This was a cold night for the first run in January for 2014 and all the Hasher's were shivering in the gusty cold wind.

The run took in the streets of Sebastopol and the ponds of the city waste.

JeSOS did not attend again this week so Dumber took on the role of Grand Master. There was a group, Bent Nose as the leader, who were chanting for Flo Jo to take on the role for the night ...

The meal came out before the Down, downs... in the Big Picture of life , is this significant... yes because Normal, Silic, Bad Hair Day and Rear Entry left before the Down, downs!

Beer Fuck did not excite the FOP O Metre to a high erect position but we did enjoy the the activity.

See you next week for the Danish Blue show at 9 Loch Street Ballarat.

God Bless Nummy

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