Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Run 1643 1 Hunt Street Hare: Heavy

The last run for 2013...

This was a run with a difference co's it was on a Tuesday night. There were a small number of Hashers who attended this event.

Heavy set a breath taking run, down the creek and up on to Brown Hill. There were plenty of drink stops and we enjoyed the view.

Precious attempted the FOP O Metre but it just was'nt the same without Foppy.

Rowdy was anxious to organise the group and assumed the position of Sergeant at Arms... Dumber the Acting grand Master, did ask him though!

Warrick stepped in as the Grog Master as Ricky was unsure of what to do and Boot Rooter did a husky job as the Choir Master.

We had visiting Hashers from Makay - Oui Oui & Champion. They are travelling around Australia and had some good stories to tell.

The Down, downs were hard to come by with the small group, even Tommy Half A Bar didn't have a joke!

GILF and Teflon were stuck together but they look happy.

Beer Fucks younin was there sculling down the Mountain mist.

Heavy put on a good feed of pork and Brandied Oranges... very nice.

The light and sound show was very nice. Music supplied by Pauline and Lighting by Oui, Oui

Pauline was the last to leave... Hope 2014 brings health and prosperity to all the Sovereign Hash. God Bless Nummy

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