Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Run 1645 Loch Avenue Hare: Jack

Oh boy, this was an extremely hot evening. The radiant heat from the Street increased the intensity... thank JeSOS we were not running in the bush cos of the fire danger.

The drink stop was held near Haemorrhoid's house and he was glad of a beer.

The FOP O Metre was drooping due to the heat so the run score was low...

JeSOS was back, no Hash gear, as was Rear Entry & Boot Rooter.

The Masturbate was back in Hash gear but no Normal.

Jack had the family together, and it was nice to meet Warricks children again as adults.

Pus Bucket told a joke

The BBQ had Danish ham steaks and they were good.

Many thanks for another enjoyable evening.

See you next week  Russel Dam Creswick, bring the fly repelant your own grog and enjoy the great out doors. God bless Nummy

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