Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Run 1648 Jindybine road Hare: Fluid Movement (Red Dress run).

This was a well patronised run with the Hasher's looking divine in their red dresses.

Heavy, Lois and Nummy celebrated their 35th Wedding anniversaries. As Mountie pointed out, the statistics are correct, 2 in 3 marriages end in divorce!

Fluid movement set a great run with several on backs and plenty of variety . "Carina from Narina " a well respected Athlete from the Ballarat Harries came out for a run and enjoyed it immensely. She left before the Down downs.

Dumber was the stand in Grand Master, Rowdy was the Sergent, Nummy was a late addition for the grog master, the FOP O Metre and FOP were absent, so I think Shafted did the screwing (or was that in his own mind?).

Has JeSOS left us?

The Down downs included a joke from Tommy which was OK, a joke from Pus Bucket or should I say Puss Bucket, which got a laugh. Dumber for becoming a Blues supporter, B.P got a charge for talking too loudly, fancy that! Glider was a welcome back and GILF for being a world champion American

Fluid movement provided and nice meal of Chicken and Salads and Glider provided his birthday cake for desert. It was a bit windy and chilly so only the well covered remained to party.

Next weeks run is at Lois Lanes in Miners Rest. It is her birthday so don't tell anyone. See you there
God bless Nummy

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